9 Wickedly Magical Occult Books You Need In Your Library!

Occult Books

This post is all about Occult Books of different walks of life you need in your witchy library!

Best Occult Books

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Hello Love! Thanks for dropping by to check out our list of must have Occult book and Books related to occult! I hope you find just the thing you’ve been searching for! Blessings and happy reading, S!

Must Have Occult Books

1. American Brujeria: Modern Mexican American Folk Magic

Occult folk magic

amazon books

By J. Allen Cross, A hands on easy to grasp teaching on the ways of American Mexican Occult folk magic.

Much like the ways of my ancestors, the old ways and practices are being lost, as it has always been an almost total verbal tradition. Cross bridges the gap of verbal to written, bringing the magic back to life.

A must have for anyone who enjoys learning about the folk magic of either your ancestors. So to those who seek to learn about the ways of others folk magics.

2. Weave the Liminal: Living Modern Traditional Witchcraft

Best books on ritual magic

amazon books

By Laura Tempest Zakroff, traditional magical practices, meets modern day living and the pressures and time restraints that come with it.

Laura has written one of Best books on occult ritual magic that I’ve come across in a while in regards to what I’d think of as classic witchcraft as well as touching on working with clients in the magical field.

3. Eclectic Witch’s Book Of Shadows

Magic Studiesamazon booksBy Deborah Blake, the cover alone give off heavy Magic Studies vibes. The purpose of the this cool little book is to teach and help with the creation of a traditional book of shadows.

So if you’ve been looking for a guide to aid you with Candle Magic, Herbs, Fortune Telling, Magical Recipes, Spells, Traditional Holidays and Celebrations and all the other ins and outs of witchcraft, look no further!

4. Encyclopedia Of Witchcraft

Occult Magic

amazon books

Judika Illes is one of the queens of Occult magic. Everything she writes is a wonderful addition to your witchy occult library. 

Encyclopedia of Witchcraft is a must have simply for the never ending spells Judika has gathered into this work. A must have for anyone who enjoys spell crafting and works!

5. North American Folk Magic

Folk Magic

amazon books

By Cory Thomas Hutcheson, I haven’t gotten to dig into this Occult books yet. So my knowledge comes from the cover, which anything with poppet dolls on the front is a winner to me.

This goody isn’t set to release until 2023, but I can’t wait to add it to my occult library. Folk lore magic the world over holds a soft spot in my heart!

6. Green Witch


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By Arin Murphy-Hiscock, this is a wonderful addition for those seeking to learn more about Mother Earth and her floral and fauna. So if natural Shamanism is something that calls to you this work will help!

With focuses on reconnecting to nature with journaling, channeling, along with identification and uses of nature in your magic. You can’t go wrong with this one!

7. The Night School

Moon Magicamazon books

By Maia Toll, this is by far one of the Best novels about the occult, with a specific theme of night works. Is that cover art not the coolest thing you’ve seen?

Divination, astrology, modern meets the ways of the ancients. We could all benefit from a little more time spend working with Mother Moon, and our Yin.

8. Jar Spells

Occult Hoodoo Booksamazon books

By Avril Le Roux, show of hands, who loves a good Occult hoodoo books and jar spells? So look no further, because this free kindle unlimited book has everything to get you started.

Avril walks you through the basics. Gives you over 100 works to try out. Along with explaining WHY you are using the items you are!

9. Grow Your Own Medicine

Witchcraft Booksamazon books

By Ava Green & Kate Bensinger. Now before you start screaming that’s not an Occult Witchcraft Books, I stand by reasoning and choice here. As a certified herbalist, I think every witch should know how to not only magical work against illness, but also with herbs.

So it ‘s just my recommendation. Don’t shoot the messenger, just trying to help y’all out!

This post was all about the best Occult Books in my TBR!

Occult Books

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