5 Fantastic Beginners Witchcraft Fundamental Books You Need No Matter Your Skill Level 

Witchcraft for beginners

This post is all about 5 wonderful Beginners Witchcraft Books that every newbie to a seasoned witch should own

Witchcraft Books For Beginners

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Fantastic Beginners Witchcraft Books!

1. Bottle Up and Go! The Magic of Hoodoo Container Spells in Boxes, Jars, Bags, Bowls, and Buckets 

beginners witchcraft

by Catherine Yronwode (Author, Editor), Lara Rivera (Author)

This book is a must-have foundation work for anyone who loves magic and creating spells! Bottle up and go is witchcraft for beginners book, but it’s also wonderful for anyone no matter what stage of the path they are on in witchcraft. 

The thing I love most about bottle or jar magic is its cleanliness of it. Everything is neatly compacted in your jar, pretty to look at, most of the time, and a wonderful way for beginners to become comfortable with working their work. 

This fabulous book covers just about any method of container magic. Boxes, dolls, bottle traps, mojo bags, jars, mirror boxes, not to mention over 100 spells in 6 blue categories! 

2. Master Book of Candle Burning Paperback 

witchcraft books for beginners

by Henry Gamache  (Author)

This book is an oldie but a goody in the world of witchcraft for beginners. It is one of those works that anyone who enjoys working the flame or candle magic should have on their shelves. 

An amusing part about this work is that throughout the magic world you’ll find many many workers who either love it or hate it. I am neutral, as someone who’s been studying candle magic for 25 years, I’ll let you decide if you are camp Gamache or not. 

This work shows the old tried and true ways of the old school workers using candles and psalms to bring your magical needs to life. 

3. Hoodoo Cleansing and Protection Magic: Banish Negative Energy and Ward Off Unpleasant People 

witchcraft spells for beginners

by Miss Aida  (Author), Judika Illes 

The first time I came across Miss Aida it was truly by “accident”. I saw that with a smirk because is there anything in this life that happens by accident? No. Anyhoo, I was going through a rough patch regarding negative energy in my home, and this little gem popped up in my recommended reading list. 

So I urge anyone who practices any type of witchcraft spells for beginners magic to pick up this work ASAP. Maybe you don’t need it today, or this year. But I promise you, a day will come either for you or those you love that this work will help!

Miss Aida teaches you how to avoid, or remove should you pick up a negative spirit. Cleanse and protect your home, remove the evil eye, and break curses, or bad luck. So if you’re worried about being taken by a ghost hunter, Miss Aida has you covered, yes she has been in actual exorcisms and ghost removals, which she talks about in her works. There isn’t much she doesn’t touch on in this work, so head on over to Amazon and grab it! 

4. The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic in Rootwork, Conjure, and Spiritual Church Services 

spells witchcraft beginners

by Catherine Yronwode

There is not a single page in my copy of this work, that isn’t 3/4th’s highlighted. Every single page is chock full of information that I had never heard of in all my years of candle magic study. I love that Catherine showcases and brings back to the forefront the love of working the candle and the beauty that can come from it. 

Catherine does an amazing job of teaching spells to witchcraft beginners through the written word. From lamps, candles, working the clock, reading tears, setting up a candle vigil, it’s all covered in this wonderful book. I loved the level of detail that went into this work, from the smallest nitty gritty detail to the larger picture items. 

The Art Of Hoodoo Candle Magic took my candle magic skills and knowledge to entirely new levels. So what are waiting for? 

5. Destroying Relationships: Hoodoo Spells to Break Up, Separate, Hot Foot, and Drive Off Foes and Rivals 

beginners guide to witchcraft

by Miss Aida  (Author), Catherine Yronwode

Now before someone goes all threefold law on me, take a deep breath and back away slowly. I follow the law of justified magics, I was born and raised in a place that is regularly robbed of any goods, then cast as a bunch of inbred idiots. We are a little different around here, and an eye for an eye is a real way of life for us, this beginner’s guide to witchcraft, would be one all our grannies would teach from. 

So that being said, this work is one of the best hands down when it comes to red magic. I saw red, not black, FYI. This workshop walks you through all the down-and-dirty details when it comes to hot works. 

So if you’ve been looking for a work that covers everything( no joke, over 100 spells in this book) from red candles, oils, powders, nails, needles, vinegar, chamber lye, and more, you’ve found it. This book covers just about any situation that you could need to end. Work, lover, friendship, neighbors, rivals, etc. Miss Aida has you covered I promise.  

Witchcraft For Beginners


This post was all about the must have witchcraft for beginners books!

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