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🖤📖 23 Dark Romance Books of Twisted Love and Horror 🖤📖

dark romance reads

This post is all about 23 dark romance or horror romance reads to keep you panting till the very end. Happy reading, and may your heart be forever haunted by the shadows of desire. 🖤📖

dark romance books


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Welcome, fellow lovers of the macabre and the romantic! come and sit a spell, here at Booked and Bewitched, where we chat about all things horror, dark romance, horror erotica, and mystery-related!

This week we are talking about all things Dark Romance related.

🖤 Are you ready to embark on a journey through the shadows of love and terror? Join me as we explore twenty-three squirm-inducing novels that blend the darkness of horror with the passion of romance, leaving you spellbound and craving more. From forbidden desires to twisted romances, these tales will ignite your imagination and haunt your dreams.

So, grab your garlic necklace and hold tight to your heartstrings – we’re diving into the depths of dark romance! 💀🌹 And if you need more horror-themed entertainment choices. Go check out-

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Dark Romance Reads

1. Tinder meets the shadow world

dark horror romance

Get ready to swoon and shiver simultaneously with ‘A Shadow In The Reaping‘—it’s like Tinder meets the underworld, where love is as dark as your humor and as twisted as your nightmares. 😈💔 Swipe right if you dare to delve into this wickedly romantic tale that’ll leave you wondering if you should be calling your ex…or a Van Helsing!

By; Brynne Weaver (Author) 

Lu has been living a quiet, undercover life, a vampire hidden in the quaint village of Sanford. Afraid that her voice will give her secrets away, Lu has lived for years without words, speaking only to the one witch she can trust. Except, of course, when it’s time to hunt. When it comes to luring in her victims, no song is sweeter than Lu’s.

But when Lu’s hunt is interrupted by Ashen, a mysterious and striking Reaper of the Shadow Realm, it seems like fate has finally caught up with her. An executioner with a soul to claim, Ashen doesn’t realize he’s stumbled on the bounty of an immortal lifetime until it’s too late. As the two enemies are forced to work together to solve a crime that shouldn’t be possible, it’s more than just secrets that emerge between them.

2. Tantalizing monster horror romance 

monster dark romance

Looking for a romance as twisted as a vine and as dark as a moonless night? ‘Honeysuckles‘ promises a bouquet of passion, creature creation, and a scent so sweet it might just lure you into the shadows for a midnight tryst with the monster himself. 🌑🥀 Dive into this tantalizing tale if you’re ready to be ensnared by love’s thorns and intoxicated by its nectar!

By; January Rayne (Author)

I escaped the hell that tortured me for months. I’m turned into something so dangerous and brutal; that I don’t recognize myself. And when I feel a pull in my chest, I follow it not understanding why. I see her and possession takes over.
Her beauty is addiction. And her smell? God…her scent….mmm…It drives me insane.

thing like me doesn’t stand a chance with a woman like her. I am obsessed, can’t stay away, stalk her, kill for her, take her, mark my territory, protect her from everyone and everything. Except me. She’s mine. Whether she likes it or not

3. Deliciously dark romance book

dark romance books

Prepare for a love story as twisted as a pretzel and as dark as your favorite roast coffee with ‘Butcher & Blackbird‘—it’s a match made in the depths of the abyss, where passion sizzles like bacon in a frying pan and hearts bleed as red as the devil’s roses. 🔪🖤 Dive into this deliciously dark romance if you’re ready to be charmed, chilled, and maybe even a little bit hungry for more!

By; Brynne Weaver (Author) 

When a chance encounter sparks an unlikely bond between rival murderers Sloane and Rowan, they find something elusive—the friendship of two like-minded, pitch-black souls who just happen to enjoy killing other serial killers.

From small-town West Virginia to upscale California, and from downtown Boston to rural Texas, the two hunters collide in an annual game of blood and suffering, one that pits them against the most dangerous monsters in the country.

4. Wickedly romantic horror romance read 

horror romance book

Get ready to have your heartstrings slashed and your pulse racing with ‘Slashed‘—it’s a love story with a twist sharper than a butcher’s knife and more dangerous than a midnight stroll through a haunted forest. 💔🔪 Dive into this wickedly romantic tale if you’re brave enough to dance with danger and flirt with darkness!

By; Thalia Sanchez (Author) 

Slashed is more challenging than Sadie expected. With its neon lights and horrifying twists, the night meant to be fun rapidly turns into a frightening search for an exit. 

As the chase between them ensues, Sadie realizes she must do whatever it takes to escape the house, even if it includes seducing the mysterious silver mask hunting her.

5. Bloody good vamp horror romance 

vampire horror romance

Sink your teeth into ‘Bloodwork‘—it’s the ultimate rom-com with a bite, where love bites back and laughter splatters like blood on the walls. 💉😈 Brace yourself for a bloody good time as a vampire and a serial killer navigate the pitfalls of dating in the underworld!

By; Melissa Demirel (Author) 

Timothy is a serial killer. He’s also very lonely. He’s a walking contradiction, and his psychological predicament doesn’t escape him.

Lynnette is a vampire. She’s also a nurse. She, too, is a walking contradiction.

When she unexpectedly answers his desperate call for company, they realize they could be perfect partners in crime, engaging in a few kinds of bloodwork at once, bringing out the worst and the best in each other.

6. Darkly delightful horror erotica read

erotic horror books

Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of love, laughter, and lunacy with ‘Cute But Psycho‘—it’s a twisted tale where hearts collide, sanity takes a vacation, and romance blossoms in the strangest of places. 🎢💔 Dive into this darkly delightful romance if you’re ready to embrace the chaos and fall head over heels for a love story that’s anything but ordinary!

By; Beatrix Hollow (Author)

Aren’t we all just perfect test subjects for inhumane experiments? Well, the doctors think so at least.

A genetically modified super alpha wolf monster. An ultra rare basilisk, so venomous he can’t leave any skin exposed. My dreamy serial killing vampire therapist. Oh, and me. A genetic marvel, one of the few dhamphyr to ever exist, and probably, just crazier than most. Nighty, night Asylum. Don’t let the nightmares bite.

7. Slip into something darker, horror romance 

horror romance erotica

Get ready for a steamy Halloween treat with ‘Run Baby Run‘—it’s the perfect blend of eroticism and horror, where passions ignite like jack-o’-lanterns and screams echo through the night like ghostly whispers. 🔥🎃 Slip into something spooky and seductive as you dive into this tantalizing tale of love, lust, and things that go bump in the night!

By; D Sabia (Author)

Forgive me, Father, for I am about to sin. She’s, my addiction. My drug of choice. Mine. But she doesn’t know that. Yet…

Everywhere I turn, I feel like someone’s there, watching me and watching every move I make. And just to make things worse, I have to work the night of Halloween at our town’s haunted carnival. No matter where I run, or where I hide, the feeling is always there. But now I’m not so sure it’s a feeling anymore…

8. Pulse-pounding horror stalker romance 

dark horror romance

Prepare to swoon and shiver in equal measure with ‘Lights Out’—it’s a wickedly delightful rom-com where the line between hero and villain blurs like shadows in the night, and love blooms amidst the darkness. 🖤💡 Dive into this tantalizing tale if you’re ready for a rollercoaster ride of passion, peril, and plenty of pulse-pounding moments that’ll leave you breathless

By; Navessa Allen (Author)

Lately, my feed has been dominated by masked men. I’ve favorited videos with them dressed in full cosplay, decked out in futuristic military apparel, and wrapped up like ghouls.

But more than anything else, my FYP is filled with shirtless men wearing ghost masks. Bonus points if they’re heavily tattooed, wielding a knife, or covered in fake blood. At night, I dream about being chased by them, of them catching me and doing deliciously dark things to my more than willing body.

I never could have guessed that by sending one drunken text, those dreams would become my new reality.

9. Bisexual horror romance books

Bisexual horror Romance

Step into the shadows and take a walk on the wild side with ‘Come Out, Come Out‘—it’s a dark romance that’ll make your heart race faster than a midnight chase through a haunted forest, with twists and turns as unpredictable as a ghostly waltz. 🌑💃 Dive into this tantalizing tale if you’re ready to flirt with danger and dance with the devil under the moonlight!

By; Alexia Onyx (Author)

My little wraith torments herself in a desperate attempt to escape from the pain that runs deep in her veins. Escape if she’d only let me. Will own her pain, her suffering, and her pleasure. Just need her to see me.

Every day is a burden that pushes me closer and closer to my end. Always found the notion of death romantic; Never could have predicted how right I would be

10. Steamy MFM horror romance 

MFM dark contemporary romance

Get ready for a devilishly delightful romp with ‘Dead Devil’s Night‘—it’s a steamy MFM romance novella that’ll set your heart racing faster than a demon on the loose and leave you craving more twists and turns than a haunted house maze. 🔥😈 Dive into this tantalizing tale if you’re ready to embrace the darkness and succumb to the allure of forbidden desires!

By; Maree Rose (Author)

ONE NIGHT was all it took for Rylan’s world to disappear. A year has passed, filled with plotting. Because this year, on that one night, she will make them pay.

11. Forbidden horror romance read

dark stalker horror romance

Prepare for a dangerously passionate dance between life and death with ‘Grave Love‘—it’s a twisted romance where sparks fly hotter than the flames of a crematory furnace and love blooms amidst the ashes of despair. 🔥💀 Dive into this chilling tale if you’re ready to be seduced by darkness and captivated by the allure of forbidden desires!”

By; Audrey Rush (Author)

Working at a funeral home provides the perfect opportunity for me to get rid of the evidence. As I’m investigating the property, I find a woman indulging in intimate “self-care” among the dead.

Ren works at the mortuary too. Every day, she buries herself in her self-loathing, using pills to numb her senses. As I stalk her, I learn that more than anything, she wants to be sensually used until that bitter end.

I see her potential: An empty void. A vessel waiting to be filled. A toy for me to break. We make a deal—I’ll use her to practice my murderous craft, and in return, I’ll help her end it all. As we near her final days, I realize that torturing Ren with pleasure and pain is the greatest high I’ve ever known.

Then a rival takes matters into his own hands, giving her the ability to finish herself. I won’t let that happen. I’ll force Ren to realize that not only do I own her final breaths, but I own her death too.

12. Screaming good time dark romance

Paranormal Erotica

Step right up and join the twisted romance of ‘Carnival Creeps‘—it’s a paranormal love story where the carnival attractions aren’t the only things giving you chills, and choosing between lovers has never been so thrillingly dangerous. 🎪💀 Dive into this tantalizing tale if you’re ready for a ride on the wild side and a love affair with the paranormal that’ll leave you screaming for more!

By; Aiden Pierce (Author)

A terror-inducing carnival filled with sinful rides, violent haunts, and funnel cake might just be the psychotic plan that saves the troupe of creeps I now call family.

All it will cost is my mortal soul. And what use is that when I already intend on spending an eternity in Hell, a willing pet to my demonic ringmaster and the rest of my monstrous men?

One thing is certain, there will be dark thrills and wicked games at the Sinner’s Carnival.

13. Wicked delights dark romance read

Kidnapping Dark Romance

Indulge your darkest desires with ‘Gluttony‘—it’s a sinfully delicious romance where temptation tastes sweeter than forbidden fruit and passion burns hotter than the fires of hell. 🍰🔥 Dive into this sinful tale if you’re ready to feast on love’s wicked delights and embrace the darker side of desire!

By; January Rayne (Author)

A Wildes witch cursed me for the massacre my coven was responsible for. I can only drink the blood of the descendants my coven murdered because of bloodlust.
Even on the brink of death, I cannot die. I wish for death. I hope for it.

And then my beloved finally appears, and he is the very last descendant of the family my kind killed. His forgiveness will be hard to earn, but his blood?
That will be nearly impossible to get.

14. Explicit dark horror romance novel

Erotic Horror Novel

Get ready for a spine-tingling seduction with ‘My Girl‘—it’s an erotic horror novel where passion and terror intertwine like lovers in the night, and every touch leaves you trembling with desire and fear. 💋👻 Dive into this tantalizing tale if you’re ready to surrender to the darkness and explore the depths of forbidden pleasure.

By; Audrey Rush (Author) 

When you lose interest in a possession, you get rid of it. As I become bored of stalking innocent Rae, I decide to end her life. But then she shows me the truth: underneath that good girl disguise lies a deviant little monster. She reminds me of myself.

I wear a mask to hide who I am; Rae hides behind a normal façade every single day. She’s capable of so much more than she realizes, and that potential intrigues me. A new challenge falls into place. Can I make this girl hurt others like me? Yearn for blood like me? Kill like me? I won’t stop until I find out. As long as my girl amuses me, I’ll let her live. And when she no longer interests me, I’ll discard her.

15. Macabre dark romance must-read

dark Halloween romance

Step right up to the Carnival of Creeps—a spine-chilling Halloween novella that’ll have you shrieking with delight and swooning with terror in equal measure. 🎡👻 Join the macabre festivities and embrace the twisted romance lurking beneath the carnival lights—if you dare!


By; January Rayne (Author)

Welcome to the Carnival of Creeps, where you’ll feast your eyes on the freaks. 

For two days a year, a carousel sings. Humans come, but they do not leave. Gremlins, ghouls, and sincasters need to feed. If paranormals come, they will never be free.

They have to put on a show and give the audience the creeps. A demon is a ringmaster, selling souls for the right price. A fortune teller sees his demise. A vampire is used to cry. An angel loses his wings. A banshee calls for help and screams.

They will no longer exist after Halloween. It’s why they need a Wildes witch. The most powerful one they will ever see.

16. Taboo dark romance novella

taboo dark romance

Prepare to have your heart racing faster than Jamie Lee Curtis in a Halloween sequel with ‘Myers‘—it’s a dark and taboo romance that’ll make you question your sanity and your love life in the best way possible. 🔪💔 Dive into this twisted tale if you’re ready to flirt with danger and dance with the devil in the pale moonlight!

By; Zepphora (Author) 

Fourteen years ago, I killed sixteen people and I’d do it again. Were you expecting something different? Did you think I would be remorseful? No. Every one of them deserved to die.

Now, I’m back to reclaim what was always supposed to be mine and destroy everyone who has wronged me or her. Those who took her from me will pay with their lives and I’ll smile like the psychopath I am as I deliver my twisted form of justice.
After all, it’s Halloween. The craziest things happen on All Hallow’s Eve.

17. Dark subject horror erotica 

dark taboo horror romance

Get ready for a skin-crawlingly seductive tale with ‘Skin‘—it’s an erotic horror story that’ll make you squirm in all the right ways and leave you breathless with anticipation. 💀💋 Dive into this twisted romance if you’re brave enough to explore the depths of desire and dance on the edge of darkness!

By; Audrey Rush (Author)

After years of solitude, Teddy Wright is tasked with a strange taxidermy request. He’s never preserved the human body before, but after the corpse awakens his darkest desires, he’s determined to become a master at it. He just needs to practice on more specimens first…

18. Spooky dark romance novella

best horror romance books

Prepare for a wickedly delightful romp through the shadows with ‘Midnight Mischief‘—it’s a Halloween erotica novella that’ll have you howling with pleasure under the moonlight and trembling with excitement at every turn. 🎃🌙 Dive into this tantalizing tale if you’re ready to experience tricks, treats, and a whole lot of naughty delights!

By; Lyla Andrews (Author) 

Zoe is stuck partying at her parents’ house on Halloween at their annual over-the-top party. But when she meets a flirty stranger, things take a turn for the better. That is until she realizes the stranger is her dad’s best friend, Donovan, who doesn’t recognize her.

Flirting turns to more, and Donovan proposes a way to spice up the night: a hunt through the woods in the dark of the night. She will run and hide, but when he catches her, nothing is off-limits. A night that was once mundane turns into something much more exhilarating than Zoe can imagine.

19. Twisted dark romance horror anthology

horror sex stories

Get ready for a spine-tingling ride into the darkest corners of desire with ‘Horror Sex Stories’—it’s a collection of explicit and forbidden erotica tales that’ll make your heart race and your skin crawl in all the right ways. 🔥💀 Dive into this twisted anthology if you dare to explore the forbidden pleasures lurking in the shadows of your darkest fantasies!

By; M.K.Eden Bliss (Author) 

Welcome to the thrilling world of “Horror Sex Stories” – an intoxicating blend of eroticism and horror that will captivate your senses and haunt your dreams. Dive into a realm where passions and darkness intertwine, and the boundaries between pleasure and terror blur into a seductive dance.

This book takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the forbidden desires and deepest fears that reside within us all. This spellbinding tale weaves together elements of the supernatural, passion, and suspense, leaving you utterly enthralled until the final page.

20. Forbidden subject dark romance

spicy horror romance books




By; Jessa Riot (Author) 

A request for sadistic dominance in an online fetish forum by user FrForgiveMe piques the interest of Jezzi aka UnholyMistress. Throwing all caution to the wind, she unapologetically burns through his red flags and they strike a deal.

Enlisting the help of her probable soulmate Parker, Jezzi sets out on an introspective journey to detangle the intricate, masochistic web that is FrForgiveMe. The duo separately makes their way down to St.Margaret Mary’s catholic church, deep in the bayous of Louisiana where the bewitching magic of the swamp hides the dirtiest secrets.

Jezzi calls the shots as they navigate a landscape of pleasure, pain, and the deep twisted roots of the catholic church. Worship takes on new meaning, morality is debatable, and all bets are off as she cranks up the music and the violence. Combining elements of extreme erotica, splatterpunk, and dark romance, Fr. Forgive Me is a reflective, depraved, descent into a deadly litany of the unholiest sins.

21. Unconventional dark horror romance

horror dark romance books

Prepare for a killer love story like no other with ‘Black Sheep‘—it’s a dark and twisted tale of two serial killers who find love in the most unexpected places while hunting the same prey. 🔪💔 Dive into this unconventional romance if you’re ready for a thrill ride that’ll have you questioning your moral compass and rooting for the most unlikely couple in literary history!

By; Brynne Weaver (Author), Alexa Harlowe (Author) 

Serial killer. That’s not the first thing you’d think when you meet Bria Brooks.

She’s reserved. Polite. Charming, when she wants to be. But delve a little deeper. She’s cunning. Brilliant. Ruthless. Bria Brooks is not just a black sheep. She’s a wolf. And she has her heart set on a very elusive prize.

Caron Berger. The trouble is, she’s not the only one.

When the pursuit of their elusive prey pulls these two hunters together, they find that their demons might not be so different after all. But just like bodies in a bog, secrets have a way of surfacing, and the ones that Bria and Eli keep are the deadliest kind.

As they draw closer to capturing their prize, can Bria and Eli harness their beasts before they destroy one another? Or will they learn that it’s not what you’ll do to win that matters, it’s what you’re willing to leave behind?

22. Must read traumance novella

dark romance books with trigger warnings

Buckle up for a wild ride with ‘Don’t Stop‘—it’s a horror hitchhiker traumance novella that’ll have you gripping the edge of your seat with equal parts fear and anticipation. 🚗💀 Hop on board this twisted romance if you’re ready to take a trip into the heart of darkness and discover love in the most unexpected places!

By; Lauren Biel (Author)

Don’t Stop is a MIDNIGHT horror hitchhiker traumance novella

If you don’t stop, you’ll live.

If you do, you know what will happen. So for the love of all things unholy, don’t stop.

-Dalton and Rayna; The Halloween Harvesters

23. Panty ruining dark romance read

enemies to lovers dark romance books

Gear up for a spine-tingling road trip with ‘Hitched‘—it’s a dark hitchhiker romance that’ll have you questioning every ride you’ve ever taken. 🚗💔 Hold onto your seats as you dive into this twisted tale of love, danger, and unexpected connections on the open road!


By; Lauren Biel (Author) 

A rabbit’s foot sways from the rearview mirror, a bad omen I choose to ignore when I take her and her car on a road trip to the border. But somehow, along the way, she stirs up feelings I’ve never been capable of.

Will I make it to the border? Or will the little rabbit I’ve ensnared end up sending me back to prison where I belong?

dark romance books

There you have it, dear readers – twenty-three dark horror romance novels that will ignite your imagination and haunt your dreams. From vampires and werewolves to witches and ghosts, these tales offer a tantalizing blend of passion and terror that will leave you breathless.

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