21 Horror Gifts To Knock Em’ Dead With This Holiday

Horror gifts

This post is all about 21 Horror Gifts to either help you finish your gifting needs or get the juices flowing to help you find the perfect horror gift!

Horror gifts


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Hello, hello my fellow ghouls and goblins! If you’re new here, Hi, and welcome to my dark and cozy little corner of the web where I ramble on about horror, goth, and mystery stuff I like, loathe, and love.

This week I am prepping for the upcoming gift-giving season and the hell on earth it becomes around mid-November. So my hope is that by sharing some of my horror gift ideas, your life will be a little easier. I did try and keep the price around the $20 range. But there are some more expensive and other less!

So without running my yapper any longer- let us take a peek at my gift ideas list. Oh and if you need some seasonal horror books to go along with your horror gift list, check out our post linked below.

*20 Seasonal Horror Books To Scare Up Some Holiday Cheer

Outstanding Horror Gifts

1. Lovely romantic horror gifts

romantic horror gifts

If you’ve been looking for small romantic horror gifts, the Bride Of Frankenstein journal is a wonderful choice. With 184 lined pages, it’s a decent-sized journal for a reasonable price. If you have a journal hoarder in your life like myself this will make a nice horror gift.

GLOW IN THE DARK COVER: This softcover journal features a high-quality, vegan-leather cover built to last and a stunning design of the Bride of Frankenstein that glows in the dark. Plus, a velvet ribbon marker with an enamel charm accent piece ensures you will never lose your place.

2. Horrifying horror gifts Amazon

horror gifts Amazon

This horror gifts Amazon backpack is sure to make the horror lover in your life a happy camper. Covered in iconic horror monsters and villains it’s sure to be a hit. I’m not entirely sure this would be school-approved though.


You will get a backpack and an extra multifunctional zipper bag (8*6 inches). Can be used as a stationery bag, pencil bag, makeup bag, wallet, etc.

3. Funny horror movie gifts for him

horror movie gifts for him

So if you’re anything like me, I wear men’s shirts more than ladies, cap sleeves, ugh. So really this could horror gift for anyone, but we’ll stick with him for now. If you’re special someone is a horror movie fan, classic movie treats, and with a love of dark humor. This is most definitely a top choice for your horror gifts list.


Get this lets watch horror movies T-Shirt as a spooky halloween costume idea! This awesome design is a nice gift for mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, niece, nephew, or friends for trick or treat or horror nights parties!

4. Classic and epic spooky gifts

spooky gifts

Hands down, this is one of my top three favorite long-sleeve tees, and trust me, I have a lot. If you’re horror gift shopping for a 90s kid, this one is a must-have. The backdrop is stuffed with all the classic Goosebumps characters we all knew and loved as the weird kids.


Goosebumps: Goosebumps is a series of children’s horror fiction novels by American author R. L. Stine, published by Scholastic Publishing. The stories follow child characters, who find themselves in scary situations, usually involving monsters and other supernatural elements.

5. Must-have Christmas gift ideas for horror movie fans

Christmas gift ideas for horror movie fans

So putting the recent Scary Stories movie to the side for a moment ( a must-see by the way if you haven’t yet) I will be adding this blanket to my couch ASAP. Not only does it look super comfortable, it’s the original book jacket to Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. AND it’s reversible. Yeah, go check it out, the back is the classic scarecrow scene. Epic Christmas gift ideas for horror movie fans– hands down.


BLANKET FOR SLEEPOVERS – Curl up with a good scare with the Scary Stories Book Throw Blanket by Creepy Co.! Measuring 60″ x 50″, this officially licensed plush blanket is perfect for couches and features a giant replica of the original Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark book that horror fans everywhere will love!

6. Weird and creepy gifts for horror lovers

weird and creepy gifts

If you’re horror movie fan is also a cooking fan-this might just be the weird and creepy gifts you’ve been looking for. I have a set of these in our gothic camper, and I love them. They’ve held up amazingly well, I’ve scrubbed and banged the bejesus out of them and the images are still as clear and creepy as when I first opened them.


What You Will Receive – The package contains 7 pieces Halloween wooden burned spoons in 7 different styles, sufficient quantity and styles for meeting your festival, party or daily life needs.


7. Crowd-pleasing horror-themed gifts

horror themed gift

I know that some people are really weird about their cups- my mother is one of these people. But if you need something that is a general horror-themed gift that suits just about anyone, a nice tumbler is a great choice. This goodie features the classic horror monsters we all pretty well know and love with great quipy little quotes to accent them.


Have you ever brought a cup of coffee or smoothie to work and find it tepid or watery half an hour later? Tumblers with insulation could be exactly what you’re looking for. These tumblers are ideal to keep your drinks extremely hot or cold for hours.

8. Great vintage horror gifts

vintage horror gifts

If you have a fellow vintage horror gifts lover on your list, this makes a great gift without breaking the bank. I have these in my office and a gothic camper, and they are awesome. I love old newspapers and these hit the nail on the head, down to the advertisements on the pages that coincide with the horror movie they have the feature article on.


All 8” x 10” sized Horror Movie Newspaper Art Posters can be hung using adhesive dots, glue, double-sided poster tape or thumbtacks, or mounted on a complementary frame that matches your decor for a more refined look.

Bring a retro feel and explore the world of cinema with the retro poster print set featuring iconic films of the 70’s and 80’s. If you want to incorporate 70’s, 80’s movie poster decor into your space or feel a retro vibe, these movie poster print sets are sure to suit your style.

9. Fun novelty horror gifts

novelty horror gifts

My daughter loves the Scream movies, classic horror according to her. I loathe to tell her how old I was when the first one came out. Anyhoo, if you have a fellow Scream lover in your life who needs a novelty horror gift, this rug is a super cute choice. It comes in four sizes, and the prices are really quite affordable.


Crafted with A Thick and Soft Cashmere Material, The Horror Movie Knife Rug Offers Both Visual Appeal and Plush Comfort Underfoot. Non-Shedding, Absorbent, Making It Perfect for Any Room in Your House. The Non-Slip Back Ensures that The Mat is Stable on The Floor and Does Not Slide Easily.

10. Inspiring gifts for horror writers

gifts for horror writers

As a growing horror writer, I’ll get there someday, these make great gifts for horror writers. I have these posters on the wall in my office on either side of my plotting board. They are lovely replicas of the old Hollywood movie monsters and always inspire me. Trust me when I say, they don’t need another writer’s block gizmo.


8×10 UNFRAMED PRINTS – NOT Canvas or Tin Sign. UNIQUE WALL ART DECOR – Cool original home decorations for office, living room.

11. Little different and unique horror gifts

unique horror gift

These handmade earrings make a unique horror gift for those who wear them on your shopping list. My daughter has a couple of pairs like this and she loves to mix and match them with her other spooky jewelry. Not being super expensive they could also make a nice horror stocking stuffer.


 Scary blood earrings studs for women Halloween costume. Dripping blood design, well crafted and solid enamel. Gift ready package, excellent quality, fast delivery, money back guarantee. This is a pair of blood earrings studs, made in alloy metal and white gold plating, red enamel as dripping blood

12. Handmade scary gift box surprise

scary gift box surprise

While this one is on the more expensive end at sixty-five bucks, it is full of handmade super fun horror gifts. I know what’s it like to try and come up with a gift for someone who really loves something that you know little to nothing about, golfing gift anyone, so pre-made themed box gifts are a lifesaver. And this scary gift box surprise is sure to delight every horror lover.


9oz. Candle in Our Sleek Glossy Black Tumbler Jar. 3.5oz Candles in Our Straight-sided Glass Jar. Homemade Beeswax Lip Balms. Soy Wax Melts with Vibrant Color Options. Arrives in our White Gift Box with Crinkle Paper.

13. Got have it horror nerd gifts

horror nerd gifts

Is this not the cutest and creepiest hair tie, and all of us 90s babies remember and have a love/hate relationship with the scrunchie. Either way, it’s a great small horror gift, or stocking stuffer that is sure to make any horror nerd smile with appreciation.


This super cute scrunchie is a sure way to stand out. We always add more fabric then recommended to make sure it gets noticed even when you are wearing it on your wrist. The perfect hair accessory to complete your look. Its oversized look will be one to remember and one others will want to get.

14. Spooktacular 80s horror gifts

80s horror gifts

If this isn’t the perfect 80s horror gift for parents or spouses, I don’t know what else to tell you. Every year I buy my husband a set of novelty socks based on his latest obsession, and these socks are you’re gateway to the novelty sock collection. We won’t discuss how long I argued with myself about when the original IT was released, and if it was an 80s or 90s horror gift.


Cotton Blend, Machine Wash, Comfortable and Stylish – These horror movie character-style socks are made of high-quality fabric with 97% polyester and 3% spandex material.

15. Iconic king gifts

King gifts

Yeah- fun fact I will be purchasing one of these for our gothic camper keys, damn skippy I will. This will make an amazing king horror gift, or horror stocking stuffer. I mean just look at it, every single horror fan over the age of twenty is most likely to love this. Unless they aren’t fans of Stephen King, might want to skip to the next one if that’s the case.


The finished snap tab measures approximately 4”x2”, Includes a keyring with a clasp so it can be attached to any keyring, bag, or backpack for easy identification, used as a zipper pull, purse charm, or anywhere else you want to clip it. Made with faux leather.

LEGO Brand Retail

16. Practical horror novelty items

horror novelty items

I bet you if you add this horror novelty item to your horror lovers’ gift list, they’ll be more willing to eat the lunch they pack. In all seriousness though, this is a great lunch box and is covered in the amazing cover art done for some of Stephen King’s greatest books.


Thermal Insulated, Leak Resistant, Theme: Food, Number of Pieces: 1, Product Care Instructions: Hand Wash, Closure Type: Zipper, Style: Thermal, Kids.

17. Must-have Friday the 13th gifts

Friday the 13th gifts

I’m not a huge Friday The 13th gal, I know, I know, don’t come for me- but I want this bowl, it may be one of the coolest I’ve ever laid eyes on. This ramen bowl is actually on my personal horror gift list for my teen this year. She eats more ramen than she breathes air, so this will make a perfect horror gift for teens as well.


Bowl Material: Wood, Number of Pieces: 1, Brand: Friday The 13th, Color: Blue, Style: Classic

18. Multipurpose scary gifts online

scary gifts online

I use these as ornaments on my horror movie Christmas tree, so there is one horror gift idea. They could also be used in a thousand other ways, such as handmade air freshers or wreath decorations. They would also make cute bookmarks, overall These are great scary gifts online for all the horror-loving crafters in your life.


Brand: Benwanfee, Occasion: Halloween, Material: Wood, Theme: Movie, Horror, Cartoon Character: Halloween

19. Dark humor horror movie fan gifts

horror movie fan gifts

I know, I’m going straight to hell, but it’s a little bit funny. If we can’t laugh, we’ll cry right. With that being said, I wouldn’t grab these for the office gift exchange, but if you have a dark-humored smart-ass horror movie fan like myself on your gift list, they’ll probably love this.


Material: Waffle Towel-Made of 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide. Size: 40.5cm (16 inches) * 61cm (24 inches). TIPS: Manual measuring permissible error.

20. Unique gifts for horror fans and family

Unique gifts for horror fans

Pretty sure it’s a law somewhere that if you’re a horror lover you must love Ghostbusters. It’s just one of those classics we loved as kids and now, you can share the fun with this unique gifts for horror fans. Clue is the best board game ever, and I will fight you over this, so mix in Ghostbusters and Clue. Perfect horror gift!


TWIST ON CLUE GAMEPLAY: In this cooperative board game for kids, players roast some ghosts and solve a spooky mystery. Drawing a Paranormal Card adds teamwork to the game.

INSPIRED BY THE HIT MOVIES: This Clue: Ghostbusters edition board game is a suspenseful game of “whodunit” with artwork and characters inspired by the Ghostbusters movie.

21. Inexpensive horror Christmas gifts

horror Christmas gifts

If you want to entertain a horror lover, give them a pack of stickers as a horror Christmas gift. I constantly buy bulk packs like this one for my daughter and me, and we stick them everywhere. She’s working on a dresser, I’ve got them on my phone and laptop. Needless to say, these make great horror stocking stuffers as well.


Various Horror Movie Stickers– There are 50PCS different horror movie stickers. They are all made of PVC vinyl waterproof stickers, high-definition patterns and bright colors. All decals are in the range of 2-3.5 inches size.

This post was all about 21 Horror Gifts that I hope will help you on your journey of shopping for the perfect horror gift! Happy shopping, their gonna love it!

horror gift

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