29 Upcoming & New Horror Videogames You Need To Be Watching For And Play

new horror videogames

This post is all about 29brand new horror videogames that will keep you in the spooky mood all summer long!

best new horror video games


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Hello everyone, welcome to B&B! This week we are chatting about all things new horror videogames related. Especially focusing on new and upcoming horror games that look to be a killer good time.

For those of you new to the horror videogame genre let me give you a little info before you dive in. Horror videogames focus on things such as jumpscares, Lovecraftian, lore-rich, thriller, supernatural, ghosts, monsters, demons, hauntings, aliens, exorcisms, survival, and scaring the living daylights out of you.

Enough of my ramblings, let’s get on with the list, shall we? I hope you enjoy these new and upcoming horror video games options, and if you need more choices. Go check out-

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29 Best New & Upcoming Horror Videogames

1. Lore-Rich murder horror story game

Lore-Rich murder horror story game

RELEASE DATE: Jun 8, 2023

Welcome to Fallen London: a darkly hilarious gothic underworld where death is a temporary inconvenience, the rats talk, and Hell is only a stone’s throw away.

Thanks to an unknown bargain, London now resides in a vast cavern under the earth. Down here, the sun doesn’t shine, and Parliament has sunk into the Thames. Queen Victoria never emerges from her palace. The fabric of strait-laced Victorian society has begun to fray.

New Masters are in charge. Why are they so… tall? And always cloaked? And why are they so interested in love stories?

Booked & Bewitched Babbles- If you love Noir style games mixed with a little murder, horror, romance, and mystery, Mask Of the Rose is your next play.  Anything that involves vampires victorian England and horror gets my vote! This new horror videogame is sure to please!

2. Female protagonist supernatural thriller horror videogame

Female protagonist supernatural thriller new horror videogame

RELEASE DATE: Jul 12, 2023

TVs turn on and off. Planes lose radar. Radio stations can’t broadcast through static. In the small coastal town of Camena, unnaturally occurring electromagnetic waves are suddenly causing interference with electrical and radio equipment. Reluctantly, Riley Poverly returns to her hometown to investigate the mystery, but what she finds is more than she bargained for.

OXENFREE II: Lost Signals is the mind-bending follow-up to the critically-acclaimed narrative adventure game OXENFREE from Night School Studio. Play it as a standalone story or dive deeper by playing the original – it’s up to you. As you play, you’ll shape every step of the story through your choices. How you choose to deal with the supernatural events at hand will forever alter the future.

Your choices matter.

Save everyone and everything.

Booked & Bewitched Babbles- Okay, so I love good choices matter horror videogame and Oxenfree II promises to deliver. The first one was a fan favorite and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. This new horror videogame is sure to please!


3. Dark and violent sci-fi horror videogame

Dark and violent sci-fi horror videogame

RELEASE DATE: Jun 20, 2023

In Aliens: Dark Descent, command a squad of hardened Colonial Marines to stop a terrifying Xenomorph outbreak on Planet Lethe. Lead your soldiers in real-time combat against iconic Xenomorphs, rogue operatives from the insatiable Weyland-Yutani Corporation, and a host of horrifying creatures new to the Alien franchise.

You are the commander. They are your weapon.

Infiltrate large open levels and annihilate enemies with your squad, dispatching orders strategically and intuitively at the touch of a button. Tread carefully, as your foes will adapt their tactics to your actions while hunting you down because death is permanent. Forge unique paths for survival, uncover shortcuts, create safe zones, and set up motion trackers in a persistent world where your actions impact levels forever.

Customize your squad with a selection of different classes. Level up and specialize your soldiers with unique abilities and an arsenal of weapons, armor, and perks, for high-stakes missions in treacherous territory. Develop your base to research new tech and improve your squad even further.

Manage your resources wisely and take calculated risks to outsmart the deadliest creature mankind has ever faced. Can you and your squad stop the outbreak before it’s too late?

Booked & Bewitched Babbles- So, Alien is probably one of my favorite horror movies, naturally Aliens: Dark Descent caught my eye. With all the abilities for customization this one boasts I’ll be excited to see where it goes., and just how deep the sci-fi horror goes. This new horror videogame is sure to please!

4. Cute psychological horror videogame

Cute psychological horror videogame

RELEASE DATE: Jun 14, 2023

Immerse yourself in the gripping story of a person who visualizes himself as a small child, accompanied by a cute teddy bear. Solve tricky puzzles, escape terrifying monsters, and avoid dangerous traps on a quest for inner peace.

Travel through a mysterious world of floating castles and craggy caves, fairytale forests, and rolling plains. Prepare to be captivated by the enthralling world of Daydream, discovering the transformative power of resilience, and the bittersweet beauty of letting go.

Booked & Bewitched Babbles- Not going to lie, my first thought when I saw this one was, damn it this is gonna make me cry in the end, isn’t it? Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow, is a colorful fantasy horror adventure that all but screams childhood fun and summer fun.


5. Early access VR survival horror videogame

Early access VR survival horror videogame

RELEASE DATE: Jun 8, 2023

Exclusive for VR, UNDEAD CITADEL immerses you into an adventure encountering hundreds of Undead in breathtaking combats crammed with numerous foes. Slash, stab, crush, shoot or dismember with your own hands, as you find the way into the depths of the cursed citadel.

Booked & Bewitched Babbles- While I can’t do VR, this one looks like so much hack-and-slash gore horror that I had to include it. Undead Citadel looks to be a great time for all the swordplay zombie fighters out there. This new horror videogame is sure to please!

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6. Must play dark horror and mystery videogame

Must play dark horror and mystery videogame new horror video games

RELEASE DATE: Jun 15, 2023

All stories must come to an end, even twisted and eerie ones. The canvas. The stage. The novel. This narrative-focused psychological horror experience is ready for its final brushstrokes, its curtain call, and its final chapter. Are you ready to return and face your fears one last time?

The canvas awaits its final brushstrokes. The stage calls for its lead actor. The novel needs its final chapter. It’s time to face your fears. One. Last. Time.

The series, which has left a mark on narrative-driven first-person psychological horror games, returns to tell its final spine-chilling story in Layers of Fear. The series’ crowning work is the definitive way to experience the critically acclaimed franchise as it features Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2, as well as all DLCs (including the new ‘The Final Note’ DLC that will give you a new perspective on the Layers of the Fear storyline) and the never-before-told story of The Writer, which will tie everything together. Built on Unreal Engine 5, Layers of Fear supports Ray Tracing, HDR, and 4K resolution to make the stunning visuals, and your nightmarish experience, as immersive and realistic as possible

Booked & Bewitched Babbles- I can tell you right now, that when this releases it’s all I’ll be doing for a couple of days. Layers of Fear is psychological horror mixed with supernatural and I can’t wait to play it.

7. Most relaxing Lovecraftian horror game ever

new Lovecraft horror video game

RELEASE DATE: Mar 30, 2023

Captain your fishing trawler to explore a collection of remote isles, and their surrounding depths, to see what lies below. Sell your catch to the locals and complete quests to learn more about each area’s troubled past.

Outfit your boat with better equipment to trawl deep-sea trenches and navigate to far-off lands, but keep an eye on the time. You might not like what finds you in the dark…

Booked & Bewitched Babbles- So before you discount this one because you don’t like fishing or Lovecraftian horror games, just back up. Dredge somehow can pull you in and keep you engulfed in its gameplay while not being boring or too deep sea monster based. It’s a great RPG survival horror game. This new horror videogame is sure to please!

8. Dark comedy 80s horror videogame

Dark comedy 80s horror videogame

RELEASE DATE: Jun 1, 2023

Killer Frequency is a first-person horror puzzle game set in 1987, that puts you in the role of a late-night radio talk show host in small-town America whose callers are being stalked by a mysterious killer.

The year is 1987, and as the clock strikes midnight in small-town Gallows Creek, USA, former big-city radio DJ Forrest Nash is life on air in what will turn out to be the graveyard shift of a lifetime…

In this horror comedy, you must solve puzzles to save callers from being hunted down by a mysterious killer. Where every call is life and death, can you save the inhabitants of Gallows Creek?

Step into the shoes of a late-night radio talk-show host – new in town and fallen from grace. The Police Chief is dead… so the townsfolk turn to you for help, as you, Forest Nash are the only person in town who can run a phone line.

Booked & Bewitched Babbles- So I love good choices matter horror videogame and Killer Frequency is a great choice. Full of comedy and horror, it’ll keep you guessing until the very end.


9. Futuristic sci-fi story-rich horror game

Futuristic sci-fi story rich horror game


Fort Solis is a single-player, third-person thriller experience set on Mars. Responding to an alarm call from a neighboring base, Jack arrives at a dark and desolate Fort Solis. With storm warnings imminent he heads inside to make contact.

As the night grows longer, events escalate, spiral out of control and the mystery of what happened to the crew begins to reveal itself. The storms arrive, limiting Jack’s escape as he looks to hold out until morning arrives.

Booked & Bewitched Babbles- If you have been looking for something to fill the Dead Space hole in your heart, Fort Solis might just be the thing you are looking for. Set to release later this year, the trailer for this one is full of mystery and horror that every sci-fi gamer will love. This new horror videogame is sure to please!

10. Awesome point & click supernatural horror thriller

Awesome point & click supernatural horror thriller


Thomas has a mission: find the ashes of “Anna”, a woman burnt on the stake as a witch in medieval times. This heartless act took place hundreds of years ago but still haunts the rural French village of Reluné. A vicious disease has spawned from the execution, as well as an entire religion that is hiding more than the origins of this disease.

Thomas is part of an organization that wants to put an end to this ‘cult’, and the disease. Exploring the seemingly abandoned village of Reluné, you’ll need to piece together the ripples of history to uncover the dark secrets of this spiritual place.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- This one will be waiting on my wishlist. Nascence looks to be full of all the things I love, supernatural horror, witch trials, choices Matter, and cult horror.

11. Creepy fun Lovecraftian puzzle horror game

Lovecraftian puzzle horror game

RELEASE DATE: Apr 11, 2023

Experience a nerve-racking Lovecraftian adventure, rebuilt from the ground up with modern graphics and gameplay. Become Sherlock Holmes, and find yourself at the heart of the terrifying Cthulhu Mythos as you investigate a series of mysterious disappearances in Europe and the US.

A Lovecraft meets Sherlock Holmes crossover, The Awakened puts you up against the legendary Cthulhu Mythos. Investigate a series of mysterious disappearances, apparently linked to a dark cult that worships an Ancient God. Whatever their plan is, you must put a stop to it… or face unspeakable consequences.

For the first time in his life, Sherlock is truly afraid. A man of rationale and reason, he faces an otherworldly entity that defies all logic, and this discovery is as enlightening as it is shattering. The pursuit of the truth pushes Sherlock to the verge of madness, and it’s the only story that Watson will never publish.

Taking place in 1882, The Awakened lifts the curtain on how Sherlock and John, mere roommates at the time, became the world-famous crime-solving duo.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- So if you enjoy Sherlock Holmes or Lovecraftian horror, you must play The Awakening. It’s nothing like its predecessors and is fun for everyone no matter their skill level. This new horror videogame is sure to please!

12. Proceed with caution- the first-person gory horror game

new first person gory horror game

RELEASE DATE: May 18, 2023

Red Barrels invites you to experience mind-numbing terror, this time with friends. Whether you go through the trials alone or in teams, if you survive long enough and complete the therapy, Murkoff will happily let you leave… but will you be the same?

Set in the era of the Cold War, human guinea pigs are involuntarily recruited by the good folks at the Murkoff Corporation to test advanced methods of brainwashing and mind control. In a world of distrust, fear, and violence, your morals will be challenged, your endurance tested, and your sanity crushed. All in the name of progress, science, and profit.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- While I am not a huge Outlast fan, I’ve watched others play through the series. Needless to say, this one goes above and beyond all the others and will fulfill all your gory horror, stealth, first-person horror videogame needs.

13. Spooky supernatural indie horror game

supernatural indie horror game new horror video games

RELEASE DATE: To be announced

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- Not going to lie, the trailer for this one scared the daylights out of me. PT, to me, is pretty much like your own personal play-through of Paranormal Activity. So if you love jump scares and ghost horror games, this one should go on your wishlist. This new horror videogame is sure to please!


14. Horrifying survival action horror game

survival action horror game

RELEASE DATE: Jun 6, 2023

Amnesia: The Bunker is a first-person horror game from the makers of SOMA and Amnesia.

Left all alone in a desolate WW1 bunker with only one bullet remaining in the barrel, it’s up to you to face the oppressing terrors in the dark. Keep the lights on at all costs, persevere, and make your way out alive. A truly intense horror experience.


Immerse yourself in the multiple ways of tackling survival. In the shoes of the French soldier Henri Clément, you are armed with a revolver gun, a noisy dynamo flashlight, and other scarce supplies to scavenge and craft along the way. With randomization and unpredictable behavior, no play-through is the same.

Hunted by an ever-present threat reacting to your every move and sound, you must adapt your play style to face hell. Every decision will change the outcome of how the game responds. Actions bear consequences.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- If you love games that give you barely any light, in underground tunnels with things that want to eat you, Amnesia: The Bunker is your next play. Full of monster horror, stealth horror, gore, and violence.


15. Creepy AF open-world survival horror game

open-world survival horror game new open world horror video game

RELEASE DATE: To be announced

“This is the corpse of a town, rotten, bloated…

and still breathing”.

Years after the tragic loss of his only son, Isaac returns to his hometown: Lowell.

But it’s been changing. Slowly, like cancer unseen until it’s terminal. The seeds of bitterness and despair that were always there have since taken root. The place has transformed into something different. Something dark. Something wrong.

Haunting rumors of his son’s presence have drawn Isaac back, but he soon realizes that Lowell is not the same place he left behind.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- Love Silent Hill and Dark Souls? Well, Wronged Us is a new game that mixes the two and throws in some gore, mystery, and horror too. The trailers for this look great, and we all wait with bated breath for a release date. This new horror videogame is sure to please!


16. Classic alien invasion science fiction horror

alien invasion science fiction horror new alien science fiction horror videogame

RELEASE DATE: Jun 9, 2023

This story-driven Survival-Horror game is about a classic Alien Invasion that takes place during the early 90s. As Ryan Baker, equipped with a baseball bat and a few bullets in his revolver, the story takes you across the atmospheric neighborhood of Greyhill which is invaded by UFOs & Grey Aliens.


It’s the early 90s in the US and the media talks about weather balloons and conspiracy theories. But residents of the small neighborhood soon realize!


The recent increase in paranormal activities over the last few days has convinced the scared and now paranoid residents of Greyhill, that the Government is somehow involved.

They trust no one. The small neighborhood of Greyhill are afraid to speak up and fearing being sent to the psychiatric ward, they avoid calling the police.

Alone, they prepare by boarding up their windows and founding a neighborhood watch.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- The first time I saw the trailer for The Greyhill Incident, I said nope, nope, nope. One of my worst nightmares comes to life with one. Full of action-adventure, sci-fi horror, and alien drama for all the science fiction horror lovers out there.

17. Cult classic team-based survival horror

team-based survival horror new team-based horror videogame

RELEASE DATE: Aug 18, 2023

Take on the role of one of the notorious Slaughter family, or their victims, in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a third-person asymmetrical horror experience based on the groundbreaking and iconic 1974 horror film.

As a victim, you must use your wits and stealth to stay out of the Family’s reach and find the tools you need to lead to your eventual freedom. Slaughter Family players must seek out, track down, and stop their guests from escaping. Players of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre can finally find out if they have what it takes to survive.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- Will you play the killer or the survivor? The newest Texas Chainsaw Massacre is full of gore, blood, and violence, and only the best at survival horror can make it to the end. This new horror videogame is sure to please!


18. Indie action adventure puzzle horror

Indie action adventure puzzle horror


Enter a world of nightmares in this third-person, action-horror, inspired by the classics of the genre. Fight terrifying creatures, solve mind-bending puzzles, and unravel a horrid family secret to expose the chilling truth behind your existence.

Unlock the secrets hidden within the haunted town of Aspen Falls, featuring gruesome enemy encounters, epic bosses, cunning puzzles, and a deep story where not everyone is who they seem.

Play as Daniel – an average teenager whose life is forever changed after inheriting the home of his estranged grandmother and meeting a mysterious woman with intimate knowledge about his family, the house, and its shocking connection to his past. The gameplay elements inspired by classic horror combat with soullike precision put a fresh spin on the modern action-horror genre.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- This one is for all the Hereditary lovers out there in the world. If you love creepy towns, haunted houses, family secrets, and psychological horror Stray Souls needs to be on your wishlist.

19. Amazing remake FPS cyberpunk shooter horror

remake FPS cyberpunk shooter horror new remake shooter horror video game

RELEASE DATE: May 30, 2023

System Shock is the fully-fledged remake of the groundbreaking original from 1994, combining cult gameplay with all-new HD visuals, updated controls, an overhauled interface, and all-new sounds & music; it even has the original voice actor of SHODAN, one of gaming’s most iconic villains. Witness the rebirth of one of the greatest and most influential games ever created.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- As a cult classic, System Shock, the remake looks great. For all the BioShock gamers out there, this one has all the violent, first-person, shooter horror your little hearts desire. This new horror videogame is sure to please!


20. Casual RPG supernatual horror videogame

Casual RPG supernatural horror videogame

RELEASE DATE: May 26, 2023

The Town of Salem is in turmoil as the Coven has taken over. Will you have what it takes to survive?

How To Play

Join up to 14 other players online and use your wit and abilities to emerge victorious. As a Town member, your goal is to lead your fellow members to victory by identifying and eliminating your opposition. Use your role’s unique abilities to reveal yourself as innocent, track down killers, or even take down suspicious individuals. There are countless ways to play and win.

Meanwhile, the Coven, Neutral, and Apocalypse factions work from the shadows, using their abilities to thwart the Town’s efforts. Whether it’s burning away dead bodies, blocking Town members’ abilities, or going on a killing rampage, each role has its unique approach to achieving victory.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- Sometimes you just need a relaxing casual horror videogame. Salem 2 provides just that, full of werewolves, wizards, mystery, and horror this cartoony horror game will keep you in all the cozies.


21. Cinematic submarine point-and-click horror game

Cinematic submarine point and click horror game

RELEASE DATE: May 31, 2023

Get ready for a thrilling underwater adventure with classic point-and-click gameplay. Explore with three characters simultaneously. Featuring atmospheric isometric graphics, rendered video, and a soundtrack by Mark Morgan, BONE TOTEM takes you on a journey to hidden places deep below the waves…

Follow Mac and Charlie, a husband and wife duo, who make their living scouring the ocean for salvage. But, when they stumble upon an abandoned oil rig in the Pacific Ocean, they uncover a horrific secret that Cayne Corporation will do anything to keep hidden.

As you embark on your adventure playing Mac, Charlie, and their trusty Super-Toy, Moses, you’ll encounter an immersive narrative filled with spine-tingling horror and unexpected twists. Combining the thrilling storytelling of STASIS and a tense underwater setting, STASIS: BONE TOTEM offers a personal story that will test the limits of family resilience.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- If you love deep sea horror, Stasis: Bone Totem is a must-play for you. I love a good point-and-click horror game and this one mixes submarine horror and alien horror beautifully.

22. Female protagonist vampire horror videogame

new vampire horror videogame

RELEASE DATE: May 30, 2023


Play as 3 vampires who are over a hundred years old. Progress in the game through their intertwined destinies, deal with their different points of view, and use their character sheets to try to separate the truth from the lies.

Each character has its vampiric abilities and disciplines that you can upgrade individually to suit your preferred approach. Will you choose intimidation, seduction, or stealth? It’s your decision, as long as you can sate your Hunger for blood.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- Okay, if you love dark puzzle horror thrillers with vampires, Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong needs to be on your playlist. This new horror videogame is sure to please!

23. Creepy dark supernatural psychological horror game

 dark supernatural psychological horror game

RELEASE DATE: Apr 14, 2023

You’re a member of Inout Inc., an international team of professional exorcists. You deal with the most unpredictable cases of exorcism.

This time, you and your team find yourselves in an old mansion in Maryland. According to locals, horrible things have been going on there for years. They remember a young woman who lived there, raising a gravely ill son. Then, she disappeared, and no one has seen the boy since. Many people tried to uncover what happened, but no one has ever returned from the old mansion. Neighbors say, “There’s a lot of evil there!”

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- If you love a good demon horror game, Inout is a great option. If you enjoy games like Devour or Phasmaphobia I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one too. This new horror videogame is sure to please!


24. Upcoming Lovecraftian supernatural horror game

Upcoming Lovecraftian supernatural horror game

RELEASE DATE: Oct 25, 2023

Return to Derceto Manor in this reimagination of Alone in the Dark, a love letter to the 90’s cult classic horror game.

Psychological Horror meets Southern Gothic in this reimagination of the classic survival horror game, Alone in the Dark

This love letter to the ground-breaking original lets you experience a haunting story through the eyes of one of two protagonists. Play as either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood and explore your environments, fight monsters, solve puzzles, and uncover the uneasy truth of Derceto Manor…

Deep in the 1920s south, Emily Hartwood’s uncle has gone missing. Together with private investigator Edward Carnby, she embarks on a journey to Derceto Manor, a home for the mentally ill where something is lurking. You’ll encounter strange residents, nightmarish realms, and dangerous monsters and ultimately uncover a plot of rising evil. At the intersection of reality, mystery, and insanity, an adventure waits that will challenge your core beliefs. Who can you trust, what will you believe, and what will you do next?

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- If you enjoyed Sherlock Holmes: The Awakening, Alone In The Dark must be added to your wishlist. Full of 1920s Lovecraftian, noir supernatural-style gameplay, I think we’re all pretty excited for this one. This new horror videogame is sure to please!

25. Coming soon horror exploration demon game

horror exploration demon game

RELEASE DATE: Coming soon

The tenants are going missing, screams echo, and blood seeps through the walls of Clover Hill. As a detective, unravel the truth that lies within and recover your fragmented memories, or succumb to the horrors that lurk in the shadows within this sinister blend of Survival & Psychological horror.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- So we haven’t heard a ton about this one yet, but the gameplay trailers look amazing. Full of realistic horror, demons, choices matters, and Lovecraftian horror, I can’t wait to see a release date on this new horror videogame.


26. Atmospheric dark mystery survival horror

Atmospheric dark mystery survival horror

RELEASE DATE: May 30, 2023

Shame Legacy is a first-person survival-horror, set in a 19th-century forsaken cultist village. You attempt to survive using stealth and escape mechanics. By solving puzzles, you figure out your connection to it all. Meanwhile, an eerie danger looms over…

Waking up confused in a past equivalent of an anger management convention, you quickly realize that: 1. A hunt is taking place, 2. You’re the prey they’re after.

The legacy of your family seems to have caught up to you, but maybe not in the way you’d expect. Inheritance doesn’t always mean fancy yachts.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- This one just came out of left field and grabbed everyone by the throat. Shame Legacy is an indie horror videogame full of dark mystery, and action, and will test your stealth abilities to the bitter end.


27. Must-play World War I survival horror game

World War I survival horror game

RELEASE DATE: September 2023

You fight for your sanity and survival in the trenches of the Great War and the walls of your family home. Play a German soldier haunted by the horrors of the Great War. Terrible creatures, death traps, and insane mysteries mark your path through the battlefield.

The boundaries between nightmare and reality, between truth and lies, have been shattered as all hell breaks loose! Play a German soldier haunted by the horrors of the Great War. Terrible creatures, death traps, and insane mysteries mark your path through the battlefield. Overcome them to save your soul and tear the veil of more sinister truths.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- If you love a good horror war game, Ad Infinitum looks to promise that and much more. The trailer is full of surreal and dark horror this one looks promising. This new horror video game is sure to be a blast!


28. Mythology lore-rich indie puzzle horror game

Mythology lore-rich indie puzzle horror game


“Sometimes you get truly lost. That’s when you call someone, and they send rescue people to get you. But what if they can’t find you? What if you are so lost, they can’t find you?

Do you believe in fantasy worlds? I didn’t either. Until I found myself in one.”

Lempo is a psychological horror game inspired by Finnish mythology in which you play as Paul, your casual 9 to 5 guy, lost in a forest after his day of work. Uncover stories of people who were trapped in Metsänpeitto before. Make use of what little items you come by to find out what’s happening in this eerie place and go back to your peaceful life before this malevolent forest consumes you.

Booked and Bewitched Babbles- If you love a good folklore-inspired horror game, Lempo needs to be on your radar. This first-person lore-rich horror videogame looks to be amazing


29. Watch your step psychological horror game

psychological horror game



Milhaven Asylum, 1979. An occult ritual goes wrong, killing all but one member of a once prominent family. The case was left cold for decades until the fearless Truth Seekers Anonymous stepped in. Now, you’re imprisoned, forced to participate in the Ritual of Deceit at the hands of the malevolent Game Master.

Deceit 2 is a 6-9 player social deduction horror game where two among you have been Infected. Whilst the Infected does the Game Master’s bidding, the Innocent must work together to escape the Ritual whilst deducing who is plotting against them. So who can you trust? Infected players can activate Blood Altars located across the map, weakening the veil of reality until it breaks. This transports all players to The In-Between, a parallel dimension in which the Infected have terrifying powers. Infected players will wreak havoc and sabotage the efforts of innocent players, but can be eliminated if exposed outside of the In-Between.


Booked and Bewitched Babbles- So this one will require a few friends to play as of now, but Deceit 2 looks like a great time. Full of dark fantasy, demonic rituals, survival horror, and choices matter play! This new horror videogame is sure to please!


This post was all about 29 of the best new and upcoming horror video games that you need to add to your playlist. Now, go on, go play something!

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