21 Gothic Camper Decor And Accessories Must-Haves

gothic camper

This post is all about my favorite gothic camper decor purchases and 21 gothic camper recommendations for you and your RV!

gothic camper


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Hello, all my witches and wizards! Welcome to my little cozy corner of the web, Booked and Bewitched, where we chat about all things horror and mystery related!

This week we are talking about all things creepy camper, gothic travel trailer, and horror themed glamping related.

So this is a little bit different this week, but when my own search for inspiration in this area kept coming up empty, I decided I’d share my choices to help inspire others. While I was planning and making my purchases I had to keep in mind that we have a very large age range using our gothic camper.

My husband is in his mid-forties, i’m in my mid-thirties, our daughter is a teen, and our son is in pre-k. So needless to say, while we all enjoy the spooky, my young son can’t handle what my teen can. With that in mind, I hope that my choices inspire or help you find just the right level of gothic spooky for you and your family.


What we started with-

spooky travel


The Work In Progress-

glamper gothic camper gothic toy hauler remodel

So without further ado, let’s get into our gothic camper redo!  And if you need some horror-themed entertainment choices for your lesiure time inside your gothic camper. Go check out-

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21 Spooktacular Gothic Camper Must Haves

1. Wicked Must-Have Gothic Camper Bedding

Gothic Camper Bedding

 So, it’s no shocker that the mattresses that come with your gothic camper to be are neither actual size nor that comfy. This is pretty common knowledge among the non-ground sleepers of the camping world. Our queen mattress was a piece of wood posing as a mattress. To solve this issue, I simply added our above-pictured queen air mattress on top of the provided camper mattress. This air mattress has a built-in pump, plugs right in the wall, inflates in minutes, and does a great job of holding its air- with 300 plus pounds on it between me and my husband.

2. Soft & Comfy Black Hole Inspiring Sheets

Gothic travel trailer remodel diy

I’ve come to the conclusion it is the universe’s way of pulling a quick one on me is that I love the color black, and have three white non-stop shedding huskies. Needless to say, these sheets are amazing, if not a little salt and pepper shaded. And a must-have for our Gothic travel trailer remodel diy. Super soft and have just enough stretch to make them easy to use, but not make you feel like you’re being saran wrapped when you’re sleeping. They come in a ton of colors too, so if you’ve got too much black (how is that possible?) you can go with another choice.


3. Amazing duvet cover for the weighted blanket people

gothic pull-behind camper trailer

Okay, I like my weighted blanket. My husband can’t stand the sheets on his feet- so impasse to say the least. Enter this epic duvet cover, into our gothic pull-behind camper trailer, it’s linen, so heavier than your average comforter, but not so heavy the blanket haters will hiss. Now I stuffed ours with a down-filled comforter, but that’s for the upcoming fall and cool weather. During the hotter months, we leave it unstuffed, making it a year-round must-have. And don’t get me started on the beautiful charcoal color.


4. Love My Lovecraft Kitty Pillow

Gothic travel trailer

So, my son LOVES anything Kraken or Marshmellow Man. YES, I know that Kraken and Cthulhu are different, but he doesn’t, two birds- one stone. You may have noticed that both rest on his pull-out full-size couch in our Gothic travel trailer. And I say this because he claimed the sofa when we did the pre-purchase walk-through. Anyhoo, this super cute pillow is stuffed at arrival, it’s not just a cover, it’s a great size, didn’t smell weird, and is very comfy. The kids love it, and it’s not too creepy for them.


5. Unholy & Wholesome Throw Pillow

gothic camper

The Addams family heavily inspired our gothic camper, so when I saw this pillow, I had to have it. Now I bought this a while ago and at the time it came in white as you’ll see in my photos. At the time of this writing, it’s only available in black. I don’t see this being an issue. It makes a great lower-back pillow for when I’m lounging about reading or gaming in bed. Mine is a little scratchy, but not so much so that it’s off-putting, don’t think it’d be a great face pillow though.


6. Calling All Psychics and Mediums For Pillow Talk

gothic camper remodel

My husband says that if the camper becomes haunted because of all the spirit board-themed items I have in it from our gothic camper remodel, he is not trading it in on my behalf. But all that aside, this pillow cover is super soft and super cute. And really, can you say you have a spooky camper without some spirit boards laying around?


7. Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!

spooky travel

How high is my son’s level of love for the marshmallow man? He named his dog, Marshmellow. That’s fun, yelling at the top of my lungs when he gets loose. This plushie is adorable, the one I found for my son came from TJ Maxx so this one is a little different, but not by much. Remi packs this with us everywhere we go on our spooky travel that Marshy (the husky) can’t go. Who am I kidding, they go everywhere with us.


8. Dastardly Tv Time

gothic camper makeover

I may convince them to give up the tablets and phones, but in the evenings if the weather is icky, a tv (and we take the switch) are a nice way to spend some family time. I got really lucky and got his bad boy on sale, and it’s the perfect size for our gothic camper. It’s a smart tv, so it’s fully ready to rock in a roll if we stay somewhere with wifi, stream with the laptop, or play games on the switch. Super light and so far it’s been a great tv.


9. Outrageous Must-Have TV mount

Gothic toy hauler remodel

So we debated about mounting the tv, or just packing and unpacking for each trip. But in the end, if we were gonna do a Gothic toy hauler remodel, then it was all in. I came across this little guy that not only has a locking option on the bar to keep your tv secure. It comes with a secondary mounting bracket for outside or where you choose to use it. Directions aren’t too terrible, little bit of a learning curve but definitely easier than a standard home tv mount.


10. Sordid Fun For Your Viewing Pleasure

Gothic tow behind camper remodel

Okay, nine times outta ten unless you have a wifi installed in your camper, you’re gonna be hard-pressed to find it. So when I started the plans for our Gothic tow behind camper remodel, finding a way to combat the lack of streaming, and having to pack and carry a DVD player and movies, I opted to download. Using amazon prime, and this hand dock with my Mac I can play games, watch movies and charge all at the same time.


11. Spooky Time Cooking Goodies

gothic rv pinterest travel trailer remodel

I don’t wanna talk about how long it took to find spooky cooking utensils. Originally I saw some on a gothic rv pinterest travel trailer remodel pin, and couldn’t find them. I love horror movies, and when I found these horror-inspired wood cooking utensils, I knew I had to have them. I use my cast iron skillets in the camper because I can use them on the open fire if need be. These won’t damage my skillets, and they look awesome on my counter. You get 7, and I naturally went with the 80s/90s horror classics.

*Side note- I tried without success to find my ghost-hunting juice pitcher. It’s by Rae Dunn (Pioneer Woman), if you happen to find one somewhere please let me know so I can link it here for everyone.

12. Monstrous Ghosts & Ghouls Spooky Spatula

gothic small travel trailer remodel ideas

So I stumbled upon these and they were so cute I knew I had to add them to my spooky kitchen collection. If you are planning or looking for gothic small travel trailer remodel ideas you can’t go wrong with these. I’ve got an assortment now that my family has added to as they come across them in other places but these started it.


13. Black is back

gothic rv

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a set of this wheatgrass dinnerware for your gothic rv. This set was great for us, typically it’s just us three, but on occasion, our eldest will leave her cave and come to. You get four complete sets. Fork, knife, spoon, bowl, plate, and decent size cup in a very sturdy, easy-to-stack set. And of course, I had to get black.


14. Murderously Cute Kitchen Sponge Holder

gothic idea

Is this not the cutest and or creepiest kitchen sponge holder you’ve ever seen? I don’t know who came up with this gothic idea, but it’s awesome. It clings in the sink, to the wall, or under the sink. Mine hangs out in the sink because we don’t have a ton of “wet” storage space inside the camper, so this little guy is a space saver. I had to search high and low to finally find one of these, but lucky for you I found it!


15. Impious This is Halloween Mug

goth camper

So I have several Nightmare Before Christmas mugs and what goth camper would be complete without at least one? All of mine have been gifts from my husband. But I was able to find this one, like one of mine. This is a large mug, and it’s heavy, so if you aren’t crazy about that, go for something else. I love this mug for hot tea and hot chocolate, but my Mothman mug is for coffee.


16. Spooktacular Tarot Towels

Gothic Halloween decorations for your camper

These kitchen tea towels are great, they dry super quick and add to the overall spooky vibe, and can also double as Gothic Halloween decorations for your camper. It’s always a good idea to keep multiple sets of towels on board the camper. It is a guarantee my kids or hubs will spill everything they get close to once we leave the yard. I love these because I can hand wash them and they hang dry super fast.


17. To The Moon And Stars Drying Rack

Gothic decorations for campers

I love these drying mats for two reasons. One they look super cute and do an epic job of absorbing water. Second, they are great for protecting my countertops when I need to set a hot pot down. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, but this star and moon pattern was pretty close, and the print is really pretty in person. This is a super easy way to add Gothic decorations for campers, with one simple step.

*The kitchen rug we found at Gabe’s, and I couldn’t find it on Amazon. So the one in my photos is a Cuisinart mat, and it’s super squishy under the feet and easy to clean.

18. Stuck On You Web Rug

small gothic travel trailer remodel

My love for this rug is beyond words. It’s super comfy, it’s much more plush than I anticipated, and it shakes out really nicely. I love that I took this out of the package and it didn’t smell weird. You know what I’m talking about. And it’s super cute, so winner all the way around. It’s also perfect for a small gothic travel trailer remodel.


19. Must-Have Creeptastic Shower Curtain

travel trailer gothic remodel supplies

Typically your camper comes with a curtain, and ours was actually really nice. But our travel trailer gothic remodel supplies included this super cute shower curtain, so I simply pinned our spooky curtain to the outside of the one already hanging. I have kids- I could wrap the shower in saran wrap and they’d manage to get the floor wet. So using the previous curtain as a liner for the spook one. Fingers crossed they won’t flood the bathroom.


20. Sinfully Soft And Fluffy Towels

glamper gothic camper

We haven’t gotten to use these yet, but I have high hopes that they will be great, and our glamper gothic camper wouldn’t be complete without them. Reviews are pretty good, but towels are such a personal thing we’ll see how it goes. Wash and dry they’ve done great, didn’t shrink or leave black fuzzies on everything. So far, so good!


21. Unscrupulously delectable gothic fragrance

gothic interior design ideas

Naturally, you can find these wallflowers on the Bath and body works site. I’m just trying to make it easier for you, if you’re reading and shopping simultaneously. I LOVE this fragrance, and I keep the wallflower on medium in the camper to keep everything smelling amazing. And what gothic interior design ideas would be complete without some fragrance suggestions?

This post was all about 21 gothic camper must-haves!

spooky travel

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