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25 Gothic Garden Goodies For The Black Hearted Gardener

gothic garden

This post is all about 25 Gothic Garden goodies for every black-hearted gardener out there.

Gothic Garden


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Hello, ghosts and ghouls! Welcome to my little cozy corner of the web, Booked and Bewitched, where we chat about horror, gothic, goblin, and mystery-related!

This week we are talking about all things gothic garden-related.

If you’re anything like me, the seed catalogs have started to arrive, and with them, dreams of a spooky gothic garden sure to leave all the neighbors speed-walking past. I won’t be going over gothic flowers or dark flowers in this post, instead, we’ll be talking about the best gothic gardening supplies.

So without further ado, let’s get into these Gothic Garden goodies!  And if you need more horror-themed bits and bobs choices. Go check out-

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best gothic garden suppliesGothic Garden Suppliesbest gothic garden supplies

1. Gothic accessories

gothic garden

Who doesn’t need a lovely skull wind-chime in their garden? Seeing as it’s generally frowned upon to use the real skulls of your enemies for arts and crafts projects nowadays. This is a perfectly wicked substitute.


StealStreet SS-G-41877 Wind Chime Round Top Skull Hanging Garden Porch Decoration Windchime.

  • Perfect gift for those who love wind chimes
  • Great design and craftsmanship
  • Measurement: H: 23
  • Material: Copper, polyresin

2. Gothic garden art

bat garden art

So if you love bats and want them in your garden 24/7 this lovely gothic garden art piece is sure to bring you joy.


Wind Chime Sunflower Wind Chimes Garden Handmade Bat Metal Art Hanging Decoration, Outside Garden Yard Patio Outdoor Hanging Capiz Sea Shell Beach Decor






3. Gothic garden wear 

gothic garden wear

So this pretty pink gothic garden hat not only comes in ten other colors and patterns. It’s also not ridiculously expensive, and we all need more affordability in our lives.


Wide Brim Hats Skull Sun Hat Packable Sun Visors Floppy Summer Beach Hat for UV Protection

4. Funny gothic garden gift

funny gothic garden gifts

If you suffer from a black thumb like myself or know someone who does. This plant life support IV bag is a must-have. I’ve killed the nearly invincible plants, so trust me, these are a lifesaver.


Plant Life Support – Automatic Watering System for House Plants – Fun Garden Gifts – Home Accessories – Plant Waterer for Indoor Plants

5. Eco-friendly gothic garden

eco-friendly gothic garden

Bats are amazing creatures, hands down, they play a huge part in their ecosystems. That being said, they still freak me out. Some childhood hair traumas never really pass. Either way, I still use these in my gothic garden, and you should too, I just keep a wide berth.

UthCracy Bat Houses for Outdoors, 2 Chamber Big Bat Box for Outside Perfectly Designed to Attract Bats, Convenient for Bats to Land and Roost, Bat Boxes Bat



6. Gothic garden flag

gothic garden flag

I think my favorite bit of this gothic garden flag is the fact that it says freak flag at the top. Ha! Love it, anyways there are several options out and about in regards to garden flags, but I love the overall gothic forest vibe of this one.


Gothic Art Welcome Vertical Garden Flag, Double Sided 12 ×18 Inch, Gothic Yard Garden Outdoor Decor, Gothic Macabre Outdoor Decor, Gothic Garden Flag




7. Gothic garden metalwork

gothic garden metal work

Living in the sticks, we have crows and ravens all the time. But if you aren’t fortunate enough to have your murder, these metal works of beauty are the next best thing.


Qmetalart Raven Christmas Decor Outdoor Crow Yard Art Exterior Rustic Metal Black Bird Mini Garden Ornament Fence Topper Gothic Home Decor Outdoor Gate Post…


8. Gothic garden frog house

gothic garden frog house

Have you seen the video of the British man asking why all the trees in America scream? If not, you must watch it, hilarious. In honor of the screaming trees, I’ve included this lovely tree frog house you can add to your garden to enhance your own screaming trees.


Wildlife Deluxe Poly Lumber Tree Frog House – Attract Many Species of Tree Frogs – Made in The USA (Green Body/Brown Roof)

9. Spooky garden music

gothic gardening ideas

Much to my husband’s dismay, I love wind-chimes. The more the better, so when I came across these super cute bat chimes, I knew they’d make the perfect accessory in my spooky garden.



Yblenic Bat Windchimes Decor Wind Chimes for Outside Decorations Metal Windchime with Hook Suitable for Outdoors/Indoors/Garden/Porch/Patio (Bat)

10. Gothic rain chain

Gothic rain chain

So I use mine as a smaller-scale rain chain in the garden. But the seller says it’s a wind chime, I think I’ll just go with the best of both worlds and say it’s a singing gothic rain chain. There, everyone is happy now.


Shades of Alchemy Gothic Black Cat and Moon Wind Chime Hanging Decoration



11. Haunted garden ideas 

haunted garden halloween ideas

Is this not the cutest thing, ever? I have this little guy sitting on the edge of my birdbath, seeing as I don’t have a pond. But he would be super cute sitting on a water feature of any kind.


Fishing Skeleton Garden Accessory, Mini Skeleton Figurines Statue Decor for Fishing Enthusiast Gift Pond Fountain Waterfalls Poolside Gothic Home Office…

12. Spooky gothic garden ideas

spooky garden ideas

I’m always on the lookout for cool planters, as I have both indoor house plants and outdoor plants I’m trying to maim and murder year round. This medusa planter will be gracing my home very soon.


Kobi & Knight – Medusa Head Planter – Medusa Statue Face Planter for Flower Pot 5 inch – Garden Decor Resin Head Planters for Indoor, Outdoor Plants -…




13. Gothic garden fire accessories

gothic garden skulls

Firepit, fireplace, campfire, fire ring, you can use these ceramic reusable fire skulls anywhere and I love them. One of the main focal points in my gothic garden is the fire pit patio, filled with these babies.


CAAS Reusable Ceramic Black Halloween Skull, Fire Pit Skulls, for Bonfire, Campfire, Fireplace, Firepit, Table Top Skeleton Head Home Decor


14. Gothic garden gloves 

gothic garden gloves

Do these talon-tipped gloves serve a purpose in the garden? Yes of course, do I care, nope. These are the perfect gothic garden gloves hands down.


SPRHR gardening claw gloves claw gardening claw protective gloves super cool claws garden gloves Garden Genie Gloves


15. Gothic garden sickle

Gothic garden sickle

Will I ever need a garden sickle, I doubt it. Will I be adding one to my gothic garden tool kit? Absolutely.



WILLBOND Black Sharp Folding Sickle Garden Tool Portable Safety Grass Hand Sickle Knife with Sheath Wooden Handle 2 Sections for Gardening Farming Lawn.

16. Gothic rain boot

gothic garden boot

If you don’t prefer to gallivant about your gothic garden barefoot, these gothic garden boots are a pretty cute alternative.



NORTY – Womens Ankle Rain Boots – Ladies Waterproof Winter Spring Garden Boot

17. Gothic bird bath

gothic bird bath

So if you don’t want a huge bird bath, this is an epic choice, given you have a safe elevated space to put it. It is one of several in my garden, and I love that it glows in the dark.


DREAMSOUL 12″ Resin Bird Bath, Spider Net Bird Baths for Outdoors, Halloween Skull Birdbath Bowl for Halloween Party Garden Yard Lawn Decor.


18. Gothic garden apron

gothic garden apron

So, I don’t know about you, but I can’t go out into the garden with an apron, simply for the extra pocket space. Besides being super cute and waterproof, this one also helps keep me a little bit cleaner.


WURTON Unisex Print Aprons Pockets Waterproof Bib Adults Aprons With Adjustable Shoulder Straps

19. Gothic vintage mister

gothic watering can Vintage Style

Everything about this screams Morticia Addams to me, and I have to have it. The nice thing about this too, is if you have low-water house plants like myself this helps you keep from drowning them alive.


OFFIDIX Glass Plant Mister, 6.3 Inches Tall Vintage Style Spritzer Bronze Plastic Top Pump One Hand Watering Can Indoor Plant Spray Bottle for Garden





20. Scary-themed rings for pots

Black Spider Ring for Pots

Who in their right mind doesn’t want to turn their potted plants into spiders? I mean, come on, look how cute and creepy it is.



Esterno Black Spider Ring for Pots; Metal Flower Pot Base Holder or Bowl Serving Holder, Halloween Scary Themed Indoor/Outdoor


21. Vintage watering can

vintage gothic watering can

I’ve had a watering can obsession since I was a child. According to my mother anyways. so when I came across this vintage metal watering can, I knew I’d have to add it to my collection.


AuldHome Farmhouse Enamel Watering Can (Black); Rustic Metal Watering Pitcher for Home Decor and Gardening

22. Gothic garden bee boxes

bee box

So I’m not with dreams of raising my honey or beeswax, but I do want to try and help save the bees. So when I came across these beautifully made bee boxes I had to add them to my gothic garden list.


Hoover Hives 10 Frame Langstroth Beehive Dipped in 100% Beeswax Includes Wooden Frames & Waxed Foundations (2 Deep Boxes, 1 Medium Box)


23. Gothic garden bird feeder

gothic garden bird feeder

So if you weren’t aware, it’s next to impossible to find a gothic bird feeder. But I did come across this crescent moon feeder and I couldn’t pass it up.


Good Directions 0114VB Over The Moon Large Size Copper Bird Feeder, Heavyweight Plexiglass, Easy-to-Fill


24. Horror garden gnome

murder garden gnome

I couldn’t help myself. I came across this and burst out laughing and knew I had to add to my growing collection of weird gothic lawn decorations.


MAYIPLAY Garden Gnomes Horror Gnome Statues Outside Halloween Decorations Resin 8″ Tall – Brown

25. Gothic skull planter

skull planter

Did you think you’d get through the whole list without a skull planter of some sort for your gothic garden? Come on now, don’t be silly.


LovTocTic Skull Planter for Halloween Decorations, Skull Flower Pot, Halloween Planters for Indoor/Outdoor Plants, Gothic Flower Pots, Plant Pots, Plant Pot…


This post was all about 25 Gothic Garden goodies for every black-hearted gardener out there.

 Now, go on, go play outside!

Gothic Garden

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