28 Epic Gothic Kitchen Goodies For Every Blackened Hearth

Gothic Kitchen

This post is all about 28 gothic kitchen, punk kitchen, and dark kitchen must haves you need to have for the coming holiday seasons and beyond.

gothic kitchen


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This week we are talking about all things gothic kitchen related.

For those of us with dark and spooky hearts, the kitchen can be one of those areas that lacks our personality most as it can be tricky to find quality kitchen goods of the gothic variety. So, I took it upon myself to go on the hunt for quality, fun, and dark gothic kitchen items. Be it you need new goodies for the upcoming holidays or you’re just looking to spruce up your kitchen, look no further.

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Gothic Kitchen Must Haves 

1. Spooky gothic kitchen bread coffin

gothic serving dish

So I saw this and knew immediately I needed it for rolls and bread in my gothic kitchen and dining room. Not only is it classy with its gold and black detailing, but it can also be used year-round in a hundred ways throughout my home.


Multipurpose – As great storage, display, and decorative addition to bedroom, dresser, countertop, etc. Ornate glass trays can also be used as a perfume trays, makeup trays, jewelry trays, bathroom trays, decorative trays, candle trays, desk organizer trays, cupcake trays, fruit trays, mini bar trays, serving tray, etc

2. Creepy gothic cottage core serving plate

gothic cottagecore kitchen

I challenged myself to find gothic kitchen accessories that were not only black. While black is beautiful and timeless, this cottage core gothic serving plate is as beautiful as it is creepy, Making it a wonderful addition to your collection.


Spode Creatures of Curiosity Collection Round Birch Serving Tray, White Floral Motif, Round, 12-Inch, Platter for Entertaining, Food and Dishwasher Safe

3. Stunning green gothic kitchen set

green gothic kitchen

The older I get, the more I find myself drawn to a high fashion-influenced gothic kitchen. If these don’t scream holidays as well as upscale gothic, I don’t know what will. Paired with gold or black silverware this will be a show-stopping dinnerware set.


Stone Lain Porcelain 16 Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4, Green and Golden Rim

4. Batty gothic farmhouse kitchen accessory

gothic farmhouse kitchen

It’s too cute not to include. This gothic kitchen accessory not only keeps your paper towels from flying away but also adds a little creep to your area at the same time.



SEREIINO Bat Paper Towel Holder – Halloween Decor for Kitchen and Bathroom – Gothic Home Decor for Oddities and Curiosities – Goth Accessories

5. Outstanding black gothic kitchen must-have

gothic black kitchen

So if you have little ones or counter-climbing pets this may have to go on a wishlist for you, like myself. Either way, what’s not to love about a coffin-shaped gothic knife holder, I mean come on.



Gothic knife holder – Gothic Kitchen decor Goth kitchen accessories & coffin knife holder Gothic home decorations Gothic room decor

6. Amazing gothic horror fan kitchen apron

punk rock home decor

So, I live in my kitchen apron when I’m at home, so needless to say when I saw this one, I had to have it. Not only is Uber-cute with its 50s vibes, but it’s also covered in classic horror monsters. Be it for yourself, or a special person in your life, this gothic kitchen apron is a must-have for goths and monster fans.


Machine Washable Cold, A deep pocket comes in handy when scaring up a meal or for keeping candy in handy. This apron features a variety of classic Hollywood monsters; Black with white polka dots trim offers a perfect combination to this apron.

7. Cute gothic kitchen accessories

cute gothic kitchen

Who doesn’t need a dagger grater in their kitchen? I know it’s supposed to be a sword, but for all my rogue-loving gamers out there who want to add a little goth to their kitchens, you have to get this.



PELEG DESIGN – Gratiator Small Cheese Grater Stainless Steel Sword-Shaped Grating Utensil Lemon Zester Tool with Royal Blue Plastic Handle

8. Funny gothic kitchen towels

funny gothic kitchen towels

Do your loved ones pick the worst times to come in and block all your kitchen drawers? These gothic kitchen towels are the perfect passive-aggressive message to hand around, or just terrify everyone out of the room.


2 Pack Funny Gothic Kitchen Towels, Serial Killer Gifts for Women, True Crime Bathroom Towels, Halloween Goth Home Decor, Morbid Podcast Merch

9. Sweet gothic kitchen table accessories

gothic kitchen table

These are about the cutest gothic salt and pepper shakers I’ve come across. I love the fact that they are magnetic, keeping them posed. A great little gift too, a vampire husband-wife set, super cute.



Pacific Giftware Vampire Love at First Bite Magnetic Kissing Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers Set

10. Fun gothic kitchen coasters

gothic kitchen coasters

Spirit boards are a gothic staple, so keep yours out year-round with these cute gothic kitchen coasters. I like that these come with a container to help keep them neat when not in use.



Ouija Board Drinks Coasters With Holder, Suitable For Kinds Of Cups, Set Of 6

11. Eco-friendly gothic kitchenware

dark gothic kitchen

I didn’t realize how big a straw snob I was until we started using reusable straws at home and I found myself hating some and loving others. So when I came across these gothic kitchen straws, I squealed with joy and had to have them.


Homestia Long Reusable Straws Metal Straws for Parties, Drinking Straws Reusable Stainless Steel Straws, Skull Straws for Tumblers, 2 Straight 2 Bent

12. Must-have gothic kitchen appliance

nightmare before Christmas kitchen

Shut up and take my money. If there was ever a gothic kitchen appliance that we all need, it’s this. And if you don’t like Nightmare Before Christmas, go away.



Nightmare Before Christmas 7-Quart Sketch Pattern Slow Cooker

13. Pretty gothic kitchen canisters

gothic kitchen canisters

So I am the queen of multifunction kitchen goodies, and I am no different with my gothic kitchen canisters. I love these bowls, they can be used in a thousand different ways, and they look amazing on the table as serving dishes, snack bowls, etc.


Salad Bowl Set with Lids, Bamboo Fiber Serving Bowls with Cutting Board Lids – Bowls for Kitchen – Preparing and serving Fruits, Veggies, Chips, and Dips.

14. Campy fun gothic butter dish

gothic butter dish

Is it a little campy? Sure, but it’s cute as hell. So who doesn’t need a coffin-shaped butter dish with a skull handle in their gothic kitchen? We all do, so shh.



Boston Warehouse Coffin Shaped with Skull Handle Covered Butter Dish, Standard, Black

15. Spooky gothic kitchen accessory

gothic wine drinker gift

I’m sure most of us have seen this super cute spooky wine opener floating around the internet. But I still had to include it as a must-have gothic kitchen accessory. If you love to entertain, or just drink in general you need this.


OTOTO Vino Spooky Bat Wine Opener – 2-in-1 Wine & Beer Opener, Corkscrew & Bottle Opener – Wine Accessories & Gifts for Wine Lovers.

16. Classy gothic kitchen table set

classy gothic kitchen table

While you may not be able to eat out of the skull of your enemies, these classy punk kitchen table skull bowls may just be the next best thing. And look how pretty they look on the table, perfect for all those family meals right?


Human Skull Bowl for Eating – Food Safe Skeleton Head Pasta Bowl – Portable Cereal Chalice – Home Bar Candy Server & Punch Dispenser – Retro Gothic

17. Punk kitchen silverware must-have

gothic kitchen

These are a punk kitchen must-have. The skull print on these will add to any punk kitchen lover out there.



COCOROSE Black Silverware Set, Tableware Cutlery Set Service for 4, Knives and Forks and Spoons Sets with Skull Pattern Handle,20-Piece Stainless Steel

18. Must-have spooky kitchen cabinets pulls

gothic kitchen cabinets

If you want an easy spooky kitchen upgrade, these coffin cabinet pulls or cabinet handles are easy to install and cute.



Gothvanity Coffin Cabinet Knobs 8 Pack – Gothic Decor Knobs for Kitchen Cabinet, Drawer Pull, Dresser and Cupboard Handle – Wood- 2.6 x 1.3 Inches – Black

19. Kitchen Spoons For Gothic Home Decor

spooky kitchen serving spoon

I love these serving spoons, and I love the looks I get when my family dips something and gets a look at the skull. Worth every little side-eye look I get.



Suck UK | Skull Serving Spoon | Stainless Steel Serving Utensils | Kitchen Spoons For Gothic Home Decor | Goth Kitchen Serving Spoon

20. Elegant dark kitchen decor

punk kitchen

This beautifully dark kitchen canister set is a must-have for all the apothecary lovers out there who want to bring a touch of that into their kitchen.



Hacaroa Set of 4 Bread Box and Canister Set for Kitchen Countertop, Metal Bread Bin Sugar Tea Coffee Storage Canister with Lid, Biscuit Tin Set for Loaf

21. Spooky kitchenware tool

gothic kitchenware

If you’ve been looking for a great gothic kitchenware add-on for yourself, or a gift. This skull omelet gadget is a great option.



Halloween Horror Skull Fried Egg Mold, Breakfast Omelette Molds, Silicone Skull Cooking Shaper Ring DIY Accessory for Kitchen

22. Dark kitchen cookware 

dark kitchen cookware

So if you’ve been on the hunt for a new cookware set for your spooky kitchen, this hammered set from Kitchen Academy is a wonderful choice. It looks as amazing hanging in your kitchen as it does cooking.



Kitchen Academy Induction Hammered Cookware Set – 12 Pcs Nonstick Cooking Pans Set, Black Granite Pots and Pans Set

23. Witchy kitchen baking dishes

gothic farmhouse kitchen

If you love a good witchy kitchen, gothic kitchen, or fall in general you have to have these ceramic pumpkin baking dishes.



STAUB 0.5-qt Petite Ceramic Pumpkin, Oven & Stove Safe up to 572°F, Baking Dish, Candy Dish, Matte Black

24. Spooky cute dishwasher magnet

funny gothic kitchen decor

If you’ve never owned one of these, you’ll be surprised how handy they are if you have multiple people doing dishes in your kitchen.



Creepy Skeleton Hand Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down Dishwasher Magnet Funny Clean Dirty Sign Gothic Décor for Kitchen, Home, Office, Spooky Cute.

25. Spooky kitchen appliances

spooky kitchen appliances

So this is one of those spooky kitchen gadgets that I love because it makes breakfast fun for the family, and me to make. Who doesn’t love a good skull pancake or waffle?



DASH Mini Waffle Maker Machine for Individuals, Paninis, Hash Browns, & Other On the Go Breakfast, Lunch, or Snacks, with Easy to Clean, Non-Stick Sides

26. Spooky kitchen gadgets

cool kitchen gadgets

This cool kitchen gadget is a great tool if you try to use fresh herbs and spices as much as I do. Not only is it cute with its vampy style, but it’s also way easier than your standard garlic press.



OTOTO Gracula Garlic Crusher also for Ginger, Nuts, Chili, Herbs – Twist Top Mincer & Easy Squeeze Manual Press Peeler BPA-Free Cool Kitchen Gadgets

27. Spooky spoon rest

Spooky kitchen spoon

Amazon may say ketchup splatter, but for all of us horror and goth lovers, we see a blood pool and splatter spoon rest, and I need it in my gothic kitchen ASAP.



Spoon Rest Holder Silicone Ketchup Shape Holders Splash Spoon Rest by Mustard Kitchen Cooking Aid Cup Holder Creative Gift

28. Gothic fridge storage

gothic fridge storage

   Who doesn’t need an egg holder shaped like a coffin?



Spooky Decor Coffin Egg Tray – Wooden Egg Holder for Soft Boiled Eggs – Gothic Kitchen Decor for 13 Eggs

This post was all about 28 gothic kitchens, punk kitchens, and dark kitchen must-haves.

punk kitchen

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