19 Amazing Witchy Self Care Books You Need To Add To Your Library Today!

Witchcraft Self Care

This post is all about witchy self care books. Featuring rituals, spells, mantras, and or healing themes that you need to add to your library or TBR list ASAP!


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Who doesn’t need a good witchy selfcare book? The following list covers a hodge podge of different types of witchcraft self care. Each book features a varying degree of information. So scroll on through and be sure to check out our witchcraft for beginners fundamental books post if you’re on the hunt for some witchy fun! 

Must-Have Witchy Self Care Books!

1. Yoga for Witches 

Witch library

by Sarah Robinson  (Author)

So let’s be honest here, none of us are probably meditating or taking the witchy self care time out for ourselves that we should be. Enter Yoga for Witches, a one of its kind work that combines magic and yoga in one sitting. 

Yoga for witches covers what yoga truly is, the magical history of yoga, along with moves and poses. Learn how to form stronger connections to Mother Earth, father sun, and mother moon, enhance your madras, and or manifestation skills, and much more!  

2. Witchcraft Therapy: Your Guide to Banishing Bullsh*t and Invoking Your Inner Power 

Witch library book

by Mandi Em  (Author) 

A wise worker once said meds before magic, a fail-safe if you will, for witchcraft selfcare, to be sure you’re heading down the correct path. So witchcraft therapy is a little nod to that wise woman’s words. 

With this work you’ll step into the worlds of manifestation, setting invention, and dealing with BS a little better, hopefully. This work also features spells, rituals, and witchy works to help you deal with all your bull.  

3. The Witch’s Book of Self-Care: Magical Ways to Pamper, Soothe, and Care for Your Body and Spirit 

Witch Self Care

by Arin Murphy-Hiscock  (Author) 

The purpose of this work is easy. Help the modern witch take better care of themselves, with more magical selfcare, top to bottom, inside and out. 

From rituals to release guilt, to ways to channel joy and let go of stress. Green space meditation, oil recipes, body butter, etc. Arin has once again created a work that covers everything six ways from Sunday! 

4. Witchcraft for Healing: Radical Self-Care for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit 

witch library selfcare

by Patti Wigington  (Author) 

Patti focuses on the spirit self care, the healing side of self care in this must-have witchcraft book. Magical workers need healing of the spirit, emotions, and physical body just like everyone else. 

Without taking care of the self, we can’t help or care for others. This is a must-have for any witchy library! Full of spells, potions, rituals, and remedies, plus tons of other goodies, you can’t go wrong with this one! 

5. Witchcraft for Daily Self-Care: Simple and Effective Witch Wellness of Rituals, Daily Practices, and Spells for Your Overall Well-Being


by Rosalyn Vargas  (Author) 

This witchcraft selfcare for beginners book does a lovely job of walking you through the history and basics before diving into the self care part of the work. It takes you through some eastern medicine practices, magic self care practices and techniques, along with recipes and rituals. 

This lovely book is a wonderful addition to any witchy library. Full of lots of goodies and helpful information, you won’t regret this little gem. 

6. Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom: Spells, Rituals, and Remedies for Healing 

witchy selfcare book

by Paige Vanderbeck  (Author) 

So this work focuses on healing and releasing past pains and trauma with the aid of magic. Paige walks you through, showing you can live a joyful life and how to gain access to the deeply hidden parts of yourself. 

This work covers emotional witchcraft for beginners, and wisdom and healing work for all. Along with simple, easy-to-do spells, rituals, and remedies. You can’t go wrong with this witchcraft self care aid book in your witchy library. 

7. A Tea Witch’s Grimoire: Magical recipes for your teatime 

witch selfcare routine book

by S. M. Harlow  (Author) 

This wonderful little book brings the magic of tea back to the forefront of modern witchcraft. From potions to spells, to magical self care herb brews this work covers it all. 

8. The Cottage Witch’s Book of Smudging Recipes, Blessings, and Ceremonies: A comprehensive guide to purifying body, mind, soul, and relationships through smudging, smoke cleansing, and smudge sprays 

witchy self care tips

by Willow Castellan (Author) 

So if you have to leave your house in any way, shape, or form you need this book. From the history of smudging to the appropriate uses of smudging, Willow teaches it all. 

This work is amazing and should be on every self care book list. From recipes and how to make your smudge stick, to the best times to smudge this work covers it all! 

9. Magical Cocktails for Witches: 80 Essential Recipes for Love, Health, Strength, and More 

witchcraft self care book

by Carolyn Wnuk  (Author) 

Show of hands, who wants a drink that doubles as a spell! This lovely work teaches you how to do just that. 

From learning the basics of magical self care cocktails, to working those spells on others Carolyn shows you how. From throwing amazing parties, to mixing 80 superb cocktails this book is a must for every witch! 

10. The Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Healing and Self-Care: Grounding and Nourishing Spells, Rituals, and Remedies 

Kitchen witch self care

by Maggie Haseman  (Author)

The best form of self care starts in the kitchen! This witchcraft selfcare book does just that. 

From recipes to the basics of which grains, teas, and veggies provide the magical ump you need. This book is a must-have for every healing self care book kit! 

11. A Practical Guide for Witches: Spells, Rituals, and Magic for an Enchanted Life 

practical witch selfcare

by Ylva Mara Radziszewski  (Author) 

This a lovely little guide to the world of modern spells, healing, nourishing rituals, and advice. This self care book helps you learn how to heal a broken heart, bless your house plants, candle works for the protection, and draw good luck into your home. 

12. The Yoga Witch Cook Book: Tempting Recipes to Celebrate the Magic to be found in the Kitchen 

witch self care cookbook

by Sarah Robinson  (Author) 

This short and sweet little self care cookbook is a wonderful addition to any witches library. It’s full of little aid bits and wonderful additions for everyone! 

13. Yin Magic: How to be Still 

Witchy self care books

by Sarah Robinson  (Author) 

Sarah introduces us to the history of yoga, and how to mingle it with our magical practices of self care and magic. Walking us through the stages of healing from burnout, letting go of the past, as well as lacing together the ancient and modern-day witchcraft practices from around the globe. So this is a must-have for the witch looking for self care! 

14. The Witchy Homestead: Spells, Rituals, and Remedies for Creating Magic at Home 

witch book library

by Nikki Van De Car  (Author), and Zoë Ingram (Illustrator) 

So be it a city or farm, we all have our homestead. The place we rest our hearts and heads. Sadly we tend to forget this, not tending or simply not having a homestead period. This lovely work shows you how to create a homestead if you are lacking one. Plus teaches you the witchy self care remedies for your homestead if it’s slacking. 

15. Year of the Witch: Connecting with Nature’s Seasons through Intuitive Magick 

witch cottage library

by Temperance Alden  (Author) 

This wonderful work teaches you not only the traditional wheel of the year in the magical sense but also your own. Learning when your new year is the best tie to do work for yourself! This is a must-have for all witchy self care libraries! 

16. Sacred Space Rituals: a Spiritual Guide to Nurture Your Inner Power 

cozy witch library

by Phoebe Garnsworthy  (Author) 

If you’ve been searching for a simple book on spiritual selfcare, full of simple practices to incorporate into your magical practices of self care, then look no further! This powerhouse book guides you through healing, letting go, and moving onward in simple yet beautiful ways! 

17. Witchcraft for Self-Love: Magical Practices on the Journey to Self-Love 

green witch library

by Scarlett Jean  (Author) 

This beautiful little work walks us through the process of loving ourselves first and foremost. Everything else will fall in line once you do. From dealing with self love book to compassion for self, letting go, and moving forward this book is a must-have! Packed full of rituals, spells, meditations, and more. You can’t go wrong with this one! 

18. Self Care for Witches: The Art of Healing and Self Love through Witchcraft 

self care witches healing

by Blair Blackmore  (Author)

Self care witchcraft starts with embracing and understanding the power that lies within you. This work teaches you the history of where it all began, branching us into the relationship between the two and finally rituals, beauty options, spells, baths, etc, and practices you can use. 

19. Wellness Witch: Healing Potions, Soothing Spells, and Empowering Rituals for Magical Self-Care

witches soothing self care

by Nikki Van De Car  (Author), and Anisa Makhoul (Illustrator) 

This powerhouse book is full of magic self-care practices that involve rituals, stones and crystals, magical spreads, and more. From fragrance blends to yoga poses, and manifestation spells this healing book covers a lot! Bring peace and power back into your life, and claim that which has been missing!

This post was all about witchy self care books you need to add to your library today! 

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